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The Surprising Way Kangaroos Use Their Tails

Critters use it like a fifth leg

(Newser) - Red kangaroos, the largest of the kangaroo species in Australia, don't just use their tails to jump high and fast. When they're grazing for food, in fact, their tails are able to generate enough force that they propel the kangaroo rather like a fifth leg—a trait scientists... More »

Newspapers: Forget Paywalls, Take Content Live

Only 'experiences,' not content, can save the news: Jenkins

(Newser) - Suddenly every newspaper is talking about a Journal-style online paywall or a "freemium" subscription model, but Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins is resigned that "stunned and traumatized" papers are on their way out. Instead of paywalls, Papers should learn from the battered music industry, which has used "... More »

Is Web's 'Long Tail' Really a Tall Tale?

Harvard prof questions theory that Internet fuels boom for niche commerce

(Newser) - The "Long Tail" theory of the internet—that the Web's boundless democracy is enabling a boom in niche culture and commerce—is coming under fire just as its author releases the paperback version, Farhad Manjoo writes on Slate. After reviewing data that should back Chris Anderson's theory, a Harvard... More »

3 Stories