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'Apocalypse' Village to Media: You're the Problem

People in Bugarach can't wait for the 'end of the world' to end

(Newser) - A mysterious online rumor has brought immense fame to a village in France —but for locals and visitors the biggest annoyance seems to be reporters who keep asking about it, the Guardian reports. The sleepy village of Bugarach is known as the one place destined to survive the Mayan... More »

Is Web's 'Long Tail' Really a Tall Tale?

Harvard prof questions theory that Internet fuels boom for niche commerce

(Newser) - The "Long Tail" theory of the internet—that the Web's boundless democracy is enabling a boom in niche culture and commerce—is coming under fire just as its author releases the paperback version, Farhad Manjoo writes on Slate. After reviewing data that should back Chris Anderson's theory, a Harvard... More »

2 Stories