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Minn. Battle Has Nothing on '74-75 Marathon

Dem Durkin finally won NH Senate seat after revote 10 months later

(Newser) - The vitriolic standoff between Al Franken and Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race—headed for a recount, then likely the courts and possibly the Senate—could take many months to resolve, judging from a precedent in New Hampshire 34 years ago, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That fight, after... More »

This Election Isn't Change, It's More of the Same: Didion

(Newser) - The striking thing about this election season isn’t how different it’s been from years past, “but precisely how similar,” Joan Didion writes for Salon. "Time got wasted in the familiar ways," she laments. The country is in the grip of a startling transformation, but... More »

Forget the Polls: Obama's a Nov. Shoo-In

Political scientist's odd metric suggests history is on Democrat's side

(Newser) - It’s hard to reconcile Barack Obama’s narrow lead in the polls with the massive enthusiasm that seems to surround his campaign, so Clive Cook of the Financial Times has some advice: Ignore the polls. Midsummer polls are notoriously worthless, he says. Instead, he touts political scientist Alan Abramowitz’... More »

History Against McCain Winning Third Term for GOP

Ruling party has only increased share of popular vote once since 1928

(Newser) - In all six elections since 1928 in which one party had 8 consecutive years in the White House, the incumbent party lost popular vote ground; in four, Americans voted for change. That's bad news for John McCain, Robert David Sullivan writes in the Boston Globe, because George Bush only won... More »

4 Stories