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AP Bureau Chief Considered Job With McCain

It's the 2nd accusation of cozying up to right wing for Fournier

(Newser) - Ron Fournier’s objectivity is being questioned yet again, as Politico reports that the AP’s Washington bureau chief was offered a senior position in the McCain campaign before returning to the wire service in March 2007. Fournier’s political leanings have been a hot topic lately, since a 2004... More »

Wire Service's Objectivity Under Scrutiny

AP staffer's 'breezy' email to Rove opens can of worms

(Newser) - Deep in a House report on the circumstances of Pat Tillman's death is a juicy detail that has the chattering classes in a lather: the text of a 2004 email in which an AP reporter tells Karl Rove to “keep up the fight.” Coming on the heels of... More »

2 Stories