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George Washington University Ditches SAT, ACT Scores

School was worried tests were driving away promising students

(Newser) - George Washington University will no longer require that students submit their ACT or SAT scores for most freshman admissions. The dean of admissions at the DC university says administrators were concerned that below-average test scores were leading otherwise strong students to not apply. "Although we have long employed a... More »

20 Students Nabbed in NY SAT Scam

They were paid to take tests for others: Investigators

(Newser) - Twenty students linked to five Long Island high schools have been charged with being part of an SAT test-taking scam. They were accused of accepting payments to take the SAT and ACT college entrance exams posing as other students over the last three years. A principal at one of the... More »

SAT Prep Classes Exaggerate Improvement, Study Finds

Use of own diagnostic tests clouds real results

(Newser) - Many test-prep companies make impressive-sounding guarantees about students’ SAT performance, but an independent study finds that the courses offer little real improvement. Part of the problem may be tutors’ use of too-hard mock tests to judge students’ baseline performance, producing a false inflation that’s used to justify thousands of... More »

Throw Out SAT, Say College Deans

Panel recommends move away from standardized testing

(Newser) - Colleges should make admissions decisions without requiring the SAT or ACT, says a group of deans led by Harvard's admissions chief in a yearlong study that concluded standardized tests distort students' high school experiences, exacerbate class disparities, and enrich only the billion-dollar test prep industry. Instead, say the admissions officers,... More »

SAT, ACT Cheats Get Off Easy

Agencies under fire for canceling scores without exposing, punishing students

(Newser) - College hopefuls caught cheating on their ACT or SAT exams are likely to face few consequences, the Los Angeles Times reports, due to policies under which the administering agencies simply cancel suspicious scores on the college-admission exams. High schools and colleges are kept in the dark about potential wrongdoing, and... More »

5 Stories