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And the Gadget of the Year Is ...

... New MacBook Air, says Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Apple may top Slate's gadgets of the year , but don't look for an iPad 2 on its list. No, the best gadget of 2011 was the new-generation MacBook Air, writes Farhad Manjoo. It's small but doesn't "feel compromised in any way," he says, calling... More »

Admit It: Carter Was 100% Right

Energy conservation sounds like a pretty good idea about now

(Newser) - “Misunderstood, mocked and maligned” though he was, Jimmy Carter was exactly right about our energy problems and their solutions, Joseph Wheelan writes in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Way back in 1979, "Carter outlined a program for achieving energy independence." In 2008, "It turns out that Carter was... More »

2 Stories