Anwar Ibrahim

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Malaysian Opposition Leader Cleared of Sodomy Rap

Ruling could bolster Anwar Ibrahim in elections this year

(Newser) - More than three years after being charged with sodomy , a criminal offense in Malaysia, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was surprisingly acquitted, reports Reuters . "Justice has been done. I am vindicated," Anwar told his supporters gathered at the courthouse. Anwar was found not guilty because DNA evidence against him... More »

Gore, Wolfowitz Team Up to Fight Malaysia Trial

They don't agree on much, except that Anwar Ibrahim is being railroaded

(Newser) - The case of persecuted Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has created an unlikely pair of allies: Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz. They argue in a joint editorial for the Wall Street Journal that the US must pressure Malaysia to stop the politically motivated trial Anwar is currently facing on dubious... More »

Malaysian Opposition Leader Busted for Sodomy

Anwar Ibrahim calls charges political

(Newser) - Police in Malaysia have arrested the country's opposition leader and are questioning him over accusations of sodomy from a 23-year-old male aide, reports the AP. Anwar Ibrahim, whose party made major inroads against the government in March elections, claims that the charges are baseless. "This is not a criminal... More »

3 Stories