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Rubio Flip-Flops on Climate Change

He's taken plenty of positions in recent years: Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - Just what does Marco Rubio think about climate change? It's tough to tell, given the array of stances he's taken over the years, writes Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post . On Sunday, he said he didn't "believe that human activity is causing ... dramatic changes" to our... More »

Romney Adviser Likens Him to ... 'Etch a Sketch'

Eric Fehrnstrom uses analogy in CNN interview, and critics pounce

(Newser) - If you're Mitt Romney and weary of fending off flip-flopping accusations, this is probably not what you want a top adviser to say on CNN. Asked whether Romney has gone so far to the right in the primaries that he might alienate moderate voters in November, adviser Eric Fehrnstrom... More »

Colbert to Harold Ford: Hi, Flip-Flopper

Implies politician is flip-flopping on abortion, gay marriage

(Newser) - Harold Ford Jr. got the coveted "Colbert bump" last night when he appeared on the Colbert Report to discuss his possible New York Senate run—but probably not in quite the way he expected. Colbert, who started off by noting that "evidently, six minutes at my interview table... More »

Lieberman's Big Filibuster Flip

Before using his power to kill health care, Lieberman decried it

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman may be America’s top filibusterer right now, but once upon a time he hated the filibuster, calling on senators to give up some individual power, Rachel Maddow demonstrated in delicious detail last night. Back in 1995, Lieberman co-sponsored a bill with Tom Harkin to kill the filibuster... More »

Bailout Flip-Flop Diminishes Paulson

(Newser) - Henry Paulson’s recent about-face on his plans for the $700 billion bailout do not bode well for his legacy, write Bloomberg's Rebecca Christie and Matthew Benjamin. Perhaps most damaging is not the change of mind, but what it says about his initial plans. “This is a flip-flop,”... More »

'FitFlops' Latest Toning Rage

Oprah's 'summer favorite' helps back-pain sufferers, too

(Newser) - FitFlops, the sandals that exercise your leg and derriere muscles as you walk, are this summer’s must-have, Newhouse News Service reports. With celebrity support from Heidi Klum to Jennifer Garner, the fitness flip flop made Oprah’s “summer favorites” list, and has sold a million pairs since launching... More »

Flip-Flops: Bad for Politicians, Even Worse for Your Feet

Footwear favorite alters gait, puts stress on limbs

(Newser) - Flip-flops—the lightweight footwear appearing farther afield than just the beach these days—may be damaging to your health, Newsweek reports. Flip-flop wearers take shorter steps, need more movements to go the same distance they would with regular shoes, and, a study shows, face higher risk of muscle and joint... More »

7 Stories