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Obama's Pet Power Plant Gets Stimulus Cash

(Newser) - When the stimulus was in the works, President Obama went to great lengths to show he was sacrificing his top pet project—a clean-coal power plant to be built in Illinois—on the altar of fiscal responsibilities. “It shows that we’re serious,” a rep for Nancy Pelosi... More »

Clean Coal Myth Proves Industry Is Declining

(Newser) - Clean coal is a myth, and the companies selling it “have their heads stuck in the mine,” Thomas Kostigen writes on MarketWatch. Although Americans generate close to 50% of their energy from coal, the technology is so yesterday—and the industry is not poised to move forward. It... More »

Coen Brothers' Ad Knocks 'Clean Coal'

Filmmaking duo mock coal industry in ad for Al Gore green group

(Newser) - The Coen brothers chuck the notion of "clean coal" into the woodchipper in a new ad commissioned by Al Gore’s Reality Coalition, the Guardian reports. The ad, which the filmmaking duo directed for the anti-coal environmental group, features a salesman spraying black smog from a can marked "... More »

W. Virginia Torn Over Coal Mining

Small town split on pros and cons of clearing mountains

(Newser) - As the mining industry clears mountains in Appalachia, a nearby town finds itself in a conundrum over the future of coal, writes John McQuaid in Smithsonian magazine. With prices and energy demands soaring, mining sites are multiplying—and while some  residents see the state’s oldest and most profitable industry... More »

Chu Vows to Boost Energy Efficiency

(Newser) - Energy Secretary-designate Steven Chu told a Senate panel today that he would pursue an expansion of nuclear and clean coal power if confirmed, Politico reports. Chu had been criticized for calling coal “my worst nightmare.” Barack Obama has also been vague about his nuclear energy policy. But while... More »

Green Groups Come Down on 'Clean Coal'

Gore calls the technology 'illusions of the industry'

(Newser) - A new advertising campaign backed by environmental organizations, including one supported by Al Gore, is calling into question the efficacy of “clean coal technology,” the Washington Post reports. “Clean coal” was a buzzword during this year’s election, but environmentalists think it’s an oxymoron. “We... More »

Finish My Fight With Big 3: Gore to Obama

We need urgent action, Gore warns

(Newser) - Al Gore doesn't want a White House job, but he does have advice for Barack Obama: Use the bailout plan to transform the Big Three automakers. As vice-president, Gore rolled out a billion-dollar program to pay for fuel-efficient Detroit vehicles—"but as soon as they felt they were... More »

German Power Plant Tests Underground CO2 Capture

Coal-burning facility stores CO2, sends it deep underground

(Newser) - Germany is pioneering industrial efficiency with a new coal-fueled power plant that captures and stores its own CO2 emissions, Der Spiegel reports. The Bavarian power station began testing its system of collecting carbon dioxide and pumping it into a depleted underground natural gas reservoir. A few problems remain, though. More »

Gore Challenge: 100% Clean Electricity by 2018

Major speech today

(Newser) - Al Gore is challenging the US to produce all its electricity through wind, sun, and other clean sources by 2018. Speaking to the AP ahead of a major address today, the Nobel laureate compared the goal to JFK’s 1961 pledge to make it to the moon—and said that... More »

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