Fort Wayne

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Fort Wayne Won't Name Building After Mayor Because...

...his name is Harry Baals

(Newser) - What to do, what to do? Fort Wayne has a new government center, and its people voted to name it after the Indiana city's longest tenured mayor ... except his name was Harry Baals. As of today, the city's website had logged 3,541 votes for the "Harry Baals Government... More »

New Purdue Grad Hits the Streets

Would-be ad man makes his pitch on Fort Wayne streetcorner

(Newser) - Rob Sedlmeyer needs a job, and he doesn't care who knows it. The May college grad wants a marketing or advertising gig, so he's marketing and advertising himself—at a Fort Wayne intersection. After applications scored him just two interviews and no job, he took to the streets. The “... More »

Abe Lincoln Artifacts May Stay in Indiana

State group a finalist to take control of Fort Wayne collection

(Newser) - A prized collection of Abraham Lincoln artifacts and memorabilia may not leave his boyhood home of Indiana after all. A coalition of state groups, including the Allen County Public Library and the Indiana State Museum, is one of the three finalists to take control of the collection housed by the... More »

3 Stories