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Newt Gingrich Defends Bachmann's Islam Attacks

'Politico' op-ed derided by others

(Newser) - In a six-page, 2,500-word Politico op-ed (with an attached three-page, 1,800-word appendix ), Newt Gingrich makes it crystal clear that he is on the side of Michele Bachmann and her four fellow members of Congress who want an inquiry into whether the government is being infiltrated by Islamic... More »

Huma Abedin Under Police Protection After Threats

Grover Norquist's name gets referenced

(Newser) - The latest fallout from Michele Bachmann's Muslim infiltration conspiracy theory: Now Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin—whose family, Bachmann claims, is vaguely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood —has been threatened by a New Jersey man. Abedin is under police protection following the threat, and the man—a Muslim—... More »

Cooper Smacks Bachmann's Muslim Conspiracy

Dismantles her claim that Muslims infiltrating government

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper doled out an epic takedown of Michele Bachmann and some of her cronies in Congress last night , debunking their idea that Muslim extremists are infiltrating the highest levels of US government. Bachmann and four other Republicans in the House of Representatives want the Inspectors General to investigate this... More »

Afghan Army to Soldiers: Cut Ties to Pakistan, or Quit

Afghan National Security Force desperate to root out infiltrators

(Newser) - Afghan military officials have begun ordering soldiers to move any family they have in Pakistan out of the country, or else leave the military, in a desperate attempt to rid their ranks of Taliban infiltrators. While those orders haven't yet been translated into an official nationwide policy, they represent... More »

Mexican Drug Cartels Stacked With US Informants

That's how Manssor Arbabsiar was nabbed

(Newser) - The US first caught wind of Iran’s alleged plan to assassinate a Saudi diplomat when Manssor Arbabsiar contacted Mexico’s Zeta cartel to do the deed—and wound up talking to a DEA agent. But that DEA agent wasn’t specifically targeting Arbabsiar—he was just one of several... More »

Tea Party Foes Plan to Infiltrate Rallies...

...And act really crazy to try to discredit the movement

(Newser) - A group opposed to tea party activists has a novel strategy to discredit them: Members plan to go to rallies, pretend they're on board, and act like utter fools with over-the-top signs (probably misspelled) and actions (think Nazi costumes). "Our plan is not to shout them down," Jason... More »

Maryland Cops Spied on Peaceniks

Activists branded terrorists & drug dealers

(Newser) - Groups opposing the death penalty and the war in Iraq were infiltrated and spied on by undercover Maryland State Police officers, according to police logs obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union. Some activists were placed on terrorist and drug trafficking databases with no evidence they were involved in any... More »

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