Somerville, Mass.

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In One Massachusetts Town, a Goal: Be Happier

Somerville works to create a happiness index

(Newser) - Somerville, Mass., is famous for being the hometown of Marshmallow Fluff. It would like to be famous for something else, too: exceptionally happy residents. It was inspired, exotically enough, by Bhutan , which decided to put happiness ahead of its gross domestic product in terms of important measures, and has used... More »

Phone Dragnet Redefines 'APB'

Cops in Boston suburb use reverse 911 calls to 24K in search for hit-and-run driver

(Newser) - Foiled in their attempts to track down a hit-and-run driver by conventional means, cops in a Boston suburb are enlisting the help of thousands of city residents—by phone. A BMW struck a 9-year-old girl Saturday, leaving her with a fractured skull and investigators with little info. They sent a... More »

2 Stories