Mars Volta

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Mars Volta Shows Softer Side

Album still rocks, even pared-down

(Newser) - With the latest release, Mars Volta has lived up to its “best prog-rockers of 2008” title, writes Mike Ragogna for the Huffington Post. Octahedron “may bang a little less, but musically competes with most classic albums of that genre.” And—good news for anyone put-off by the... More »

Rage Frontman's New Band Sounds Familiar

One Day As A Lion's new track doesn't fall far from the tree

(Newser) - Rage Against the Machine fans probably won’t be disappointed with One Day As A Lion, the new project from frontman Zach de la Rocha: It sounds, well, "pretty much kinda-sorta exactly like Rage Against the Machine,"  writes Gary Moskowitz in Mother Jones. The first song, online... More »

2 Stories