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Woman Who Rode With Feet on Dashboard Shares 'Gruesome' Story

Airbags can deploy at speeds up to 220mph

(Newser) - Audra Tatum of Walker County, Georgia, says that for years she has sat in the passenger's seat with her legs crossed and her feet propped up on the dashboard. She says her husband always warned her about the dangers of sitting like that, but she never heeded his advice—... More »

Boy's Broken Bones Mystified Doctors

Then they discovered he had celiac disease

(Newser) - A 7-year-old boy in Portugal broke his arm three times in two years, and doctors were mystified, Live Science reports. The breaks were caused by "minor to moderate pressure," unlike, say, sports injuries, and the boy didn't seem to have any underlying medical conditions that would lead... More »

Gruesome Injury Rocks NCAA Tourney

Louisville's Ware urges teammates to win after leg snaps in two places

(Newser) - Louisville guard Kevin Ware is recovering from what commentators say is the most horrific injury they've ever seen in a basketball game. Ware snapped his right leg in two places as he landed from a jump in the first half of the Cardinals' Midwest Regional final against Duke, leaving... More »

Paterno Breaks Pelvis After Home Fall

Former Penn State coach also undergoing chemo for lung cancer

(Newser) - Joe Paterno fractured his pelvis again following a fall at his home but will not need surgery, a person close to the family says. The former Penn State football coach was expected to make a full recovery after slipping yesterday and was admitted to the hospital the next day, the... More »

Man Gets Stuck at Water Park

Dad cut from slide after water park mishap

(Newser) - It would be funny if it didn't sound so utterly painful: A British man in his thirties had to be cut from a fiberglass water slide after he flew into a concrete step at the end of the tube. "There was a small gap about an inch wide between... More »

Zsa Zsa in Hospital After Fall

93-year-old tumbles out of bed watching jeopardy

(Newser) - Zsa Zsa Gabor is hopefully in a hospital bed with rails now after taking a tumble from her own bed last night and breaking several bones. The 93-year-old was watching Jeopardy in bed when she reached for the phone and took a tumble, reports TMZ; Gabor is in serious condition,... More »

US Soccer Star Hospitalized in Fatal Car Crash

Charlie Davies sustains multiple fractures, another passenger dead

(Newser) - Charlie Davies, a starting forward on the US national soccer team, broke several bones and sustained a lacerated bladder in a car crash yesterday that killed another passenger. The driver, who was not identified, swerved into a guardrail outside of Washington, leaving the car "pretty much split in half,... More »

Osteoporosis Drug Shows Promise, No Side Effects

(Newser) - An experimental drug could drastically decrease the risk of bone breakage in osteoporosis sufferers, Time reports. Two trials of the drug denosumab in groups at high risk for the disease—men receiving testosterone-depleting treatment for prostate cancer and post-menopausal women—reduced the risk of fracture by more than 50%, with... More »

Yao Out for Season, Maybe For Good

Re-fractured foot means Rockets center may miss all of next season, if not more

(Newser) - The broken left foot that knocked center Yao Ming out of the recently concluded NBA playoffs could be career-ending, sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Pins were inserted a year ago after one of the Houston Rockets star's many injuries, and the foot re-fractured during the playoffs and hasn’... More »

Thatcher Leaves Hospital After 2+ Weeks

Former British PM suffered broken shoulder after fall

(Newser) - Margaret Thatcher was released from the hospital today after undergoing surgery for a broken arm, the Telegraph reports. Although the former British PM was originally expected to return home sooner, she spent 17 days recuperating after she fell in her house in London. Thatcher, now 83, has abandoned most public... More »

Clinton Falls, Fractures Elbow

Secretary of state will undergo surgery next week.

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton fractured her right elbow during a fall yesterday, and will undergo surgery to repair it in the coming week. The accident happened while the secretary of state was on her way to the White House, and she was taken to a university hospital for treatment before being released.... More »

Thatcher in Hospital After Breaking Arm

Former British PM expected to be released soon

(Newser) - Margaret Thatcher, now 83, has been hospitalized after breaking her arm in a fall in her home in London, reports the UK Times. A spokeswoman for the long-serving prime minister said she would be released today and was "very lucky." Thatcher has suffered multiple strokes in recent years,... More »

Sotomayor Breaks Ankle in New York

Has been 'treated and released': White House

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor broke her ankle this morning hurrying through New York’s LaGuardia airport, the Washington Post reports. The Supreme Court nominee was X-rayed at a Washington hospital after her flight and found to have a small fracture; she’s now on crutches. “She has been treated and released,... More »

Armstrong's OK for Tour: Team

Cyclist fractured collarbone yesterday in crash

(Newser) - Despite breaking his collarbone in a crash yesterday, Lance Armstrong should be able to ride in both the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, his team manager said. “A broken collarbone in the month of March does not at all compromise the start of the Tour de France... More »

Armstrong Injury Puts Tour in Doubt

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong’s collar bone, broken in a Spanish race, puts his appearance at the Tour de France in jeopardy, but the cyclist is taking a wait-and-see approach, the AP reports. “We'll go from there,” he said of his recovery in the US. “I think for the... More »

Nancy Reagan Released From LA Hospital

Doctors expect her to make 'full recovery' after hip fracture

(Newser) - Nancy Reagan returned home today from a Los Angeles hospital after being treated for a broken pelvis, Reuters reports. For the 87-year-old widow of Ronald Reagan, who fell at her home last week, 2 days with doctors was enough: "I hope it won't hurt anyone's feelings if I don't... More »

Broken Pelvis Hospitalizes Reagan

(Newser) - Nancy Reagan has been hospitalized in Los Angeles with a broken pelvis. A Reagan spokeswoman said Reagan "is in very good spirits" and surgery is not required, though it is not known how long she will be hospitalized. The 87-year-old former first lady fell at her home last week... More »

McMahon Sues Billionaire, Hospital Over Broken Neck

He blames unsafe stairs, shoddy care

(Newser) - Venerable TV sidekick and debtor Ed McMahon is suing two parties he says have contributed to his financial crisis, People reports. First, McMahon’s suit alleges that “unsafe entry stairs” at a billionaire investor’s home caused him to fall and break his neck; the second party is the... More »

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