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New AARP Cover Boy: Luke Perry

Yes, he's 50

(Newser) - He used to be on magazine covers geared to a much different age set, but Luke Perry just had a milestone birthday. As a result, the former 90210 star is on the front of AARP's magazine, notes CNET . Perry turned 50 earlier this month, officially putting him in the... More »

Ryan Lochte Makes Big 'Fratty Career Move'

Will guest on '90210'

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte gives off a certain "Spicoli-like" frat boy vibe, writes Julie Miller, and as soon as she saw his "Cribs-quality shoe-and-watch collection" on an NBC Olympics special, she started imagining future career moves for the swimmer—like paid nightclub appearances, a career as a celebrity DJ, a... More »

Why 30somethings Love Teen Soaps

90210, Gossip Girl help us escape...and the clothes are nice, too

(Newser) - Like many 30somethings, Taffy Brodesser-Akner grew up alongside the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210—the show that gave her, “stuck in an all-girls yeshiva in Queens with no prom to speak of,” a chance to have “a real teenage experience.” But why, she wonders, is she... More »

Beverly Hills High Aims to Market Its 90210 Image

Clothing, cosmetics may make up school's budget shortfalls

(Newser) - Beverly Hills High School is considering starting lines of clothing and cosmetics in an attempt to capitalize on the glamorous image perpetuated by television’s 90210 series and famous alumni like Angelina Jolie. A smaller population of school-aged children in the neighborhood has sapped the tax base, leaving it with... More »

'Donna' Heads Back to 90210

Tori Spelling close to making a deal to reprise role from teen soap opera

(Newser) - Tori Spelling is coming back to the world's most famous zip code, a show rep tells People. The star of the original Beverly Hills 90210 is close to finalizing a deal to reprise her role as Donna Martin in multiple episodes of spin-off 90210. An earlier plan for her to... More »

Hollywood Acts That Could Use a Bailout

MTV, Paris Hilton, the Oscars among franchises needing a makeover

(Newser) - Like Wall Street and Detroit, Hollywood is sinking under stagnant numbers and outdated business plans. The Los Angeles Times runs down some Tinseltown properties in need of a bailout.
  • MTV: The once counter-culture juggernaut should take a hint and develop edgy new dramas a la Gossip Girl.
  • Law and Order:
... More »

90210 & Co. Get Full Ride as YouTube Ends 10-Minute Rule

Site starts showing full-length TV episodes, films

(Newser) - YouTube is abandoning its 10-minute video limit to show movies and full-length TV episodes, starting with Star Trek, MacGyver, and Beverly Hills, 90210. The Google-owned juggernaut is responding to competition from Hulu and other sites, reports USA Today. It’s also adding “pre-roll” advertisements that play before a video... More »

Same ZIP Code, Few New Tricks

90210 spinoff relies heavily on original series

(Newser) - Same Beverly Hills, same premise, same Kelly Taylor. 90210, the CW's much-hyped spinoff, sticks too close to the original series and lacks its power to shock, Laura Fries writes in Variety. The show that premiered last night “is a pallid copy of the original fish-out-of-water story, only with shinier... More »

Garth, Doherty Reunite for 90210

But both admit reunion was nerve-racking

(Newser) - Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were nervous about reuniting for the new incarnation of Beverly Hills, 90210, reports Entertainment Weekly. The actresses talked about the drama behind the 1990s drama, which ultimately resulted in Doherty’s departure from the show. "I don't think we ever hit each other,”... More »

Teen TV That Flunked College

10 shows that fizzled after high school

(Newser) - Heading off to university is typically viewed as an accomplishment, but one blog contends that most TV shows tank when their characters take this major life step. College on the Record lists the top 10 series muddled by matriculation:
  1. Boy Meets World
  2. Saved by the Bell: The College Years
  3. Dawson’
... More »

'Brenda' Back on 90210 Spinoff

Shannen Doherty will reprise her 1990s character

(Newser) - Brenda Walsh will return as an adult to CW's 90210 spinoff this fall, reports the AP, but it remains to be seen whether actress Shannen Doherty has finally grown up. Also slated for comebacks on the angsty teen drama are Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, but Doherty’s notorious volatility... More »

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