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Trump Mask Maker Flooded With Orders

Japanese factory trying to produce 350 a day

(Newser) - While much of the world anxiously awaits what happens under President-elect Donald Trump, one factory manager in Japan is all smiles. Ogawa Studio, the only manufacturer of rubber masks in Japan, is working feverishly to catch up with a flood of orders for Trump masks since his election victory last... More »

'Chewbacca Mom' Just Won a Free Ride to College

Fla.'s Southeastern University offered her and her 2 little Chewies full scholarships

(Newser) - To garner a full college scholarship, you need to have good grades—or a great viral gimmick. Candace Payne may indeed boast a stellar scholastic record, but it's her recent online ubiquity as "Chewbacca Mom" that's earned her, as well as her two grade-school-age children, full scholarships... More »

Why an Office Looks Like This in China

Companies are trying to reduce workplace stress with monthly mask day

(Newser) - It may look like a scene from Office Space: the Horror Edition, but it's not. A company in Handan, China, has begun offering its employees "relaxation days" once a month. This includes a "faceless" day where masks are worn. It's a bid to cut down on... More »

Archaeologists Uncover 'Mask Unlike Any Other'

Larger-than-life bronze mask depicts ancient god of shepherds

(Newser) - An ancient god has resurfaced in Israel thanks to what archaeologists say is a one-of-a-kind discovery. University of Haifa researchers were digging at what's believed to be an ancient basalt armory outside Sussita—which the Jerusalem Post reports was once the Roman city of Antiochia Hippos—when a ball... More »

King Tut's Iconic Mask Breaks, 'Fix' Is Even Worse

Beard reportedly knocked off in cleaning mishap is shoddily reset with epoxy

(Newser) - What do you do if someone accidentally damages one of the world's most famous artifacts under your charge at the Egyptian Museum? Do you a) report it to the nation's antiquities ministry to ensure it's properly repaired by specialists, or b) frantically call your husband so he... More »

MH17 Victim's Body Found With Oxygen Mask On

Dutch prosecutors says mask strap found on neck of Australian passenger

(Newser) - The body of one passenger of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was found wearing an oxygen mask, Dutch prosecutors revealed today, raising questions about how much those on board knew about their fate when the plane plunged out of the sky above Eastern Ukraine in July. The passenger, an Australian, didn'... More »

Pope's Brazil Mass: Sorry, No Masks

Authorities fear protest reprise

(Newser) - A month after Brazil saw widespread unrest , Pope Francis is headed to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day (which is actually a week long). With more than a million attendees expected, authorities aren't taking any chances. Demonstrators wore Guy Fawkes masks during June's protests; at a Mass... More »

Bahrain Bans Import of ... Guy Fawkes Masks

That should put an end to protests

(Newser) - Bahrain thinks it has found one way to stem the nation's 2-year-old protest movement: Ban the import of those ubiquitous Guy Fawkes masks. The nation's commerce chief announced this week that anyone caught bringing them into the country faces arrest, reports the Independent . Of course, protesters might be... More »

Man in Romney Mask Robs Wells Fargo

Same location hit by robber 2 years prior in Hillary Clinton mask

(Newser) - A Wells Fargo was robbed in Sterling, Va., yesterday by a man apparently wearing a Mitt Romney mask, reports NBC News . The robber, wielding a gun and wearing a Florida State sweatshirt, did not just take money from one teller, but stole from all five before making his getaway. To... More »

Paris Jackson: Masks Were So We Could Be Normal

Paris tells Oprah she was 'confused' when younger, but understands now

(Newser) - Paris Jackson was "confused" about why she had to wear a mask in public when she was younger, she tells Oprah on Oprah's Next Chapter, via the BBC . "I understand it now, why my dad would want our face to be covered," she said. "Like... More »

Casey Anthony Mask Auctioned for Almost $1M

It was made by pop artist Torro

(Newser) - Halloween costumes don’t come any scarier—or pricier—than this: An LA man has just sold a latex Casey Anthony mask on eBay for a whopping $999,900, KTLA reports. What justified that crazy price tag? Well, the seller touted the mask as a “significant piece of crime... More »

Robberies Shock 'Hyper-Real' Mask Firm

Company's sales soar after masks make the news

(Newser) - Sales have soared for a California company that makes ultra-realistic masks — but its owner isn't happy about the way success has arrived. SPFXMasks earned plenty of free publicity when its creations were used by a young Chinese man who posed as an elderly white man to fool immigration, and... More »

'Bored' Man Streaks Naked Through Supermarket

22-year-old 'didn't have anything to do,' he tells cops

(Newser) - A "bored" Tennessee man has been charged with running through a supermarket wearing nothing but a rubber mask. Police found the 22-year-old in the bathroom of a nearby Hardee’s, which he had entered differently attired—“wearing only an orange hoodie”—and asked employees for clothing. One... More »

Masks: a Goalie's Power Play

Players spend top dollar expressing themselves on gear

(Newser) - Unlike their cookie-cutter colleagues in other sports, NHL goalies wear their hearts on their faces, the Washington Post reports in a retrospective celebrating the 50th birthday of a netminder's best friend—the goalie mask. Players take great pride in personalizing them, sometimes spending $1,000 on images of prizefighters, dead... More »

Those Masks Won't Save You

Apocalyptic fashion accessory isn't effective against viruses

(Newser) - Chicago has swine flu fever—not the actual flu, mind you, but the pandemic of fear that has swept the US, Mary Schmich writes for the Tribune. Photos abound of Americans donning face masks to go out in public, and Schmich, calling around to pharmacists, found most fresh out. A... More »

Archaeologist: Cleopatra, Mark Antony Tomb Is Close

Artifacts unearthed in Egypt hint at lovers

(Newser) - An eccentric Egyptian archaeologist believes he knows where Mark Antony and Cleopatra were buried, the AP reports. An excavation team has uncovered a mask fragment with an Antony-style cleft chin, coins bearing Cleopatra’s likeness, and 10 mummies from the same time period in the Toposiris Magna temple, hinting that... More »

Trick-or-Treaters Vote for Palin

Mask retailers scramble to stock likeness ahead of Halloween

(Newser) - Costume shops are scrambling to stock enough masks of Sarah Palin, who looks to be a popular choice this Halloween, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Trick-or-treaters who want to transform into either of the presidential candidates—or most of their early competitors—are in luck, but heavy demand for Palin's likeness... More »

US Athletes Weigh Wearing Masks in Beijing

Specially designed masks would blunt smog—and irk hosts

(Newser) - To protect its athletes from Beijing’s polluted air, the US Olympic Committee has secretly developed a mask for them to wear during next month’s Games, the Wall Street Journal reports. But if the 600-plus American Olympians decide to wear the high-tech filter, they risk insulting their Chinese hosts—... More »

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