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Reasons Baseball's Hot Stove Is So Chilly

No surprise here: bad economy has slowed activity to a crawl

(Newser) - December is usually prime time in baseball's hot-stove league, but with the market seemingly frozen, Tony Massarotti lists reasons why for the Boston Globe:
  1. The economy. With the possibility of dipping revenue over the next year (or years), teams are reluctant to jump into long-term, expensive player contracts.
  2. CC Sabathia.
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Top NFL Training Camp Issues, Non-Favre Edition

Jets, Bears among teams facing personnel issues; pressure on Raiders' Kiffin to win

(Newser) - The NFL is in the midst of a turbulent off-season, even if you ignore the Brett Favre and Chad Johnson sagas. ESPN’s John Clayton breaks down the other top distractions as training camp nears:
  • With NFL Europe gone but the 80-man roster still in place, teams will have trouble
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2 Stories