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ISIS Fatwa: 'Be Kind' to Your Sex Slaves

Ruling from special committee lays out mandates in excruciating detail

(Newser) - The "treasure trove" of ISIS intelligence nabbed in a May raid in Syria by US Special Operations Forces included one especially detailed document that's now being published for the first time after a Reuters review. "One of the inevitable consequences of the jihad of establishment is that... More »

Piglets-for-Girls Bargain Saves Thousands

Nepalese spared from slavery, sent to school by non-profit program

(Newser) - An American’s plan to keep poor Nepalese families from selling daughters into slavery by offering them pigs has saved thousands of girls in the Himalayan country, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The non-profit founded by Olga Murray gives pigs (which, grown, fetch the same $35-75 buyers would pay for... More »

2 Stories