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Beer Maker Lets You Send Message With That Bottle

Andes beer rolls out 'message in a bottle' campaign

(Newser) - It's sheer marketing genius, particularly for anyone who's ever sent or left a slightly or not-so-slightly inebriated message that just didn't seem as brilliant in the cold, sober light of day: An Argentine brewer is launching a campaign that lets anyone swilling one of its beers send... More »

Guy Already Camping Out for iPhone 5

Remember, it hasn't actually been announced yet

(Newser) - Rob Shoesmith is currently camped outside London's Covent Garden Apple store in a tent, awaiting the release of the iPhone 5. Not all that weird, except of course that the iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced yet. Why is he doing it? As a "marketing and PR... More »

Car Dealer: Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47

Gimmick triples sales

(Newser) - The general sales manager of a Sanford, Fla., dealership is taking his best shot at attracting vehicle buyers with an interesting freebie: Buy a truck, get a free AK-47. Nick Ginetta, who began the promotion last week in recognition of Veterans Day, has seen sales triple, and the business is... More »

Gimmickry Makes McCain the Howard Dean of 2008

His Berlins ad blast calls to mind antics Dem used in '03-04—when he didn't win, either

(Newser) - What’s the most apt parallel for John McCain’s underdog White House run? It’s Howard Dean’s gimmick-loving, maturity-lacking 2004 run, Ezra Klein writes in the American Prospect. McCain’s “whimsy” shone yesterday with ads in Berlin, NH; Berlin, Penn.; and Berlin, Wis. (with Barack Obama in... More »

4 Stories