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11-Year Gitmo Detainee: Please, Let Me Plead Guilty!

Detainees see conviction as the only way out

(Newser) - Sufiyan Barhoumi is desperate to plead guilty to war crimes—but prosecutors won't even charge him with anything unless he does them a favor first. Such is the twisted logic that prevails at Guantanamo Bay, where being convicted is the best route home, the Wall Street Journal reports. Barhoumi... More »

90-Year-Old Gets 90 Years for War Crimes

Ghulam Azam fought against Bangladesh independence in 1971

(Newser) - An Islamist leader in Bangladesh during its bloody 1971 fight for independence from Pakistan has been found guilty of war crimes. The 90-year-old Ghulam Azam, former head of top Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami, has been sentenced to a jail term of 90 years, though International Crimes Tribunal judges said he deserved... More »

Karadzic: I Should Be Rewarded

Trial begins for alleged mastermind of Srebrenica massacre

(Newser) - Radovan Karadzic's trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity began today in the Hague, but the former Bosnian Serb leader insisted in his 90-minute opening statement that rather than being punished for what happened during the war, "I should be rewarded for all the good things... More »

Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years

Former Liberian president expected to appeal

(Newser) - Charles Taylor is going away for 50 years. The former Liberian president, 64, was sentenced to a half-century in a British prison today, as international war crimes court judges blamed him for "some of the most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in human history." But Taylor will likely... More »

As Trial Begins, Mladic Taunts Survivors

Sarcastically claps, draws finger across throat

(Newser) - The war crimes trial for Ratko Mladic opened today in the Hague, and the Bosnian Serb general once again made no attempt to appear sympathetic. He gave a thumbs-up and slowly clapped his hands sarcastically as the trial began, waving and smirking at the rows of survivors and relatives of... More »

Congo Warlord First to Be Convicted by World Court

Lubanga guilty of recruiting child soldiers

(Newser) - The world's first permanent war crimes tribunal has recorded its first verdict, finding Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga guilty of recruiting child soldiers as young as 11 and sending them into battle. The International Criminal Court will sentence Lubanga, who led a militia during an ethnic conflict in the Democratic... More »

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Is Too Broke to Pay Staff

Gov't out of money, 300 Cambodians won't be paid this month

(Newser) - Money problems are threatening the UN's Khmer Rouge trials in Cambodia, reports the AP . The tribunal employs 480 people, and while the international staff is getting paid, the 300 Cambodians who work there have not been paid this month. The tribunal's judges and prosecutors have not been paid... More »

Judges Order Disruptive Mladic Out of Court

He spoke out of turn ... and insisted on wearing a cap

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic made his second appearance before the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal today, and it was kind of a mess. The AP reports that a "defiant, disruptive, and argumentative" Mladic continually yelled at judges during the arraignment, ignored their orders, and refused to enter pleas to 11 charges—all... More »

Mladic Calls Charges 'Obnoxious'

He also calls himself a gravely ill man in first appearance at The Hague

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic is definitely not playing ball: In his first appearance at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal at The Hague today, Mladic called himself a "gravely ill man" and refused to enter pleas to what he called "obnoxious charges." Asked by the presiding judge if he understood... More »

Witness: Naomi Flirted With Blood Diamond Strongman

Ex-agent says model knew who diamonds came from

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell's former agent has testified that the model was fully aware that diamonds she was given in South Africa were a gift from Liberian strongman Charles Taylor. Campbell was flirting with Taylor at a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela and Taylor was flirting back, Carole White told Taylor's war... More »

Defiant Karadzic Defends 'Holy' Bosnian War

Former Serb leader rejects genocide accusations as trial resumes

(Newser) - A defiant Radovan Karadzic described the Serb cause as "just and holy" as he opened his defense at his genocide trial yesterday. The former Bosnian Serb leader, on trial over the deaths of 100,000 Muslims and Croats during the conflict in the 1990s, said the Serbs were acting... More »

Karadzic to Appear at Genocide Trial, Seeks Delay

Prosecutor: Serb's only regret was that some survived Srebrenica

(Newser) - Radovan Karadzic will show his face at his war crimes trial for the first time since it began last week—but only to request more time to prepare his defense in the 1995 indictment, Reuters reports. A hearing today will address how to proceed if the former Bosnian Serb leader,... More »

Karadzic Caught Discussing Genocide on Wiretap

Prosecutors reveal tape as Bosnian leader's trial goes on without him

(Newser) - Radovan Karadzic was caught on tape ordering the slaughter at Zepa and Srebenica, prosecutors revealed today at the war crimes trial of the former Bosnian Serb leader. “It will be a black cauldron,” Karadzic says on the tape, “where 300,000 Muslims will die.” But prosecutor... More »

Serb Cousins Convicted of Burning 132 People Alive

Torched houses after locking Muslims inside

(Newser) - Two Serb cousins were convicted yesterday by the UN tribunal in the Hague of burning scores of Bosnian men, women, and children to death during the early 1990s. Milan Lukic was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of "at least 132 Muslim people," whom he locked... More »

'Killing Fields' Prosecutor Quits, Slams Interference

Denies rift over untried suspects caused move

(Newser) - The international prosecutor at the Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal has abruptly resigned, the Independent reports. Robert Petit insisted that the resignation is due to family reasons, but he warned that the court is in danger from corruption and political meddling from Cambodian government official. Five former Khmer Rouge cadres... More »

Khmer Rouge Hearings Begin

Head of Cambodian prison charged with war crimes, torture, premeditated murder

(Newser) - One of the most feared figures of Pol Pot's fanatical regime in Cambodia has begun to tell his story on the witness stand as hearings begin in his trial, reports the Los Angeles Times. The former head of a Khmer Rough prison, Kaing Khev Iev—known as Duch—is charged... More »

Nazi Prosecutor Loved Zinging 'Fat Boy' Goering

Letters offer glimpse into Nuremberg

(Newser) - Newly released letters offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders, reports the BBC. The letters that British prosecutor David Maxwell-Fyfe sent his wife reveal a playful side—he refers to Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering as "the fat boy" and "slap-happy Hermann"—... More »

Int'l Criminal Court Opens With Congo Trial

In first case, warlord pleads not guilty to using child soldiers

(Newser) - The International Criminal Court in The Hague began its first trial today, as a Congolese militia leader pleaded not guilty to charges of using child soldiers. The court's prosecutor accused Thomas Lubanga of using hundreds of boys as young as nine "to kill, pillage, and rape" in the Democratic... More »

US Ends Trials of 5 Gitmo Prisoners

Though charges are dropped, men are still held, may be retried

(Newser) - The war crimes tribunal at Guantanamo Bay has dropped charges against five suspects that the Pentagon has called al-Qaeda operatives, reports the Los Angeles Times. All of the men were fingered by Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi-born militant whom the Bush administration concedes was waterboarded. The charges were dismissed after one... More »

'Not Guilty' Plea for Uncooperative Karadzic

Former Bosnian Serb leader refuses to recognize court on war-crimes charges

(Newser) - Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic refused to plead today at a UN war-crimes tribunal—so a judge entered a “not guilty” plea for him, the BBC reports. Karadzic, 63, was charged with 11 counts linked to the Bosnian civil war of the 1990s, including genocide, crimes against humanity,... More »

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