Wolfgang Puck

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The Top 20 Chef Kings (Oops, 1 Queen)

Gordon Ramsay rules the roost, in more ways than one

(Newser) - The phenomenon of the celebrity chef is well past the saturation point, but the restaurants, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and personal appearances keep coming. Presiding over the largest international empire is British pottymouth-cum-culinary genius Gordon Ramsay, according to a new list by New York's Grub Street blog. The Grub Street formula... More »

Highest Paid Celebrity Chefs

Who's cashing in the biggest on culinary skills

(Newser) - Rachael Ray may not be a classically trained chef, but her cooking prowess has made her a wealthy woman nonetheless, reports Forbes. Thanks to four Food Network programs, a talk show, and a self-titled magazine, she's the highest-paid celebrity chef, pulling in $18 million a year. Here are 9 others... More »

Governator Signs Calif. Trans Fat Ban

Nation's first state-wide restrictions hits restaurants in 2010, baked goods in '11

(Newser) - California became the first state to ban trans fats from restaurant and bakery cooking today, the Los Angeles Times reports. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill passed last week by the legislature, saying it would help Californians’ health. Some restaurateurs, such as Wolfgang Puck—who had already phased the oils... More »

3 Stories