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Protest Organizer Inflated Crowd Size: ABC News

FreedomWorks president attributed 1.5M turnout to network

(Newser) - The organizer of the "Tea Party" protest in Washington yesterday falsely attributed a high estimate of the turnout to ABC News, the network reports. Matt Kibbe, the head of FreedomWorks, said on stage that ABC estimated the turnout at 1 million to 1.5 million people. In a... More »

Possible Assassination Try Kills 4 Near Dutch Royals

Car zooms through crowd at Queen's celebration; 13 injured

(Newser) - Four people were killed today and 13 injured in a possible assassination attempt at a celebration honoring the Dutch queen, Radio Netherlands reports. A car broke barriers and zoomed through a crowd, crashing into a monument just as the royal family was passing in an open-topped bus; they were sped... More »

'Tunnel People' Get Probe of Inaugural Ticket Mess

Thousands waited in tunnel; Feinstein apologizes

(Newser) - As President Obama’s inauguration approached, thousands of would-be spectators got stuck in an immobile line that stretched into a tunnel beneath the National Mall. And there they waited, for hours, missing the ceremony despite their tickets. With their plight getting more publicity—yep, there's now a Facebook group—Sen.... More »

Thousands With Tickets Turned Away From Mall

(Newser) - While some fought to escape the Mall after the inauguration, thousands of frustrated ticketholders were barred from entering to see the swearing in of President Barack Obama, the Washington Post reports. “It is irresponsible to issue all of these tickets and not let the people in,” one Californian... More »

'Human Gridlock' Plagues Ceremony

Inauguration spectators wait for hours to get in and out of Mall area

(Newser) - The record-breaking crowd—an estimated 1.8 million people—at today’s inaugural events is overwhelming Washington’s streets and mass-transit systems, creating long waits for spectators trying to exit the Mall area, the Post reports. Hours after the swearing-in, some were still waiting to enter Metro stations. “It’... More »

Journos, Citizens Get Inaugural Warning

'Crush-level' crowds expected for historic event

(Newser) - Despite an ailing industry, journalists have requested a record number inaugural press credentials, and many will be denied, Politico reports. “We’re going to have to be very stingy this year,” said one press gallery director. As for the millions expected to turn out for Inauguration Day, stay... More »

DC Cuts in Half Inaugural Crowd Estimates

Transit survey shows about 2.5M are heading for the capital

(Newser) - Washington officials have sliced in half earlier estimates for the number of people expected to swarm Washington for the inauguration, the Washington Post reports. The original projections, as high as 5 million, were founded on the election’s historic nature, while revised numbers are based on talks with transport companies... More »

Green Cafe's Crowdsourcing Doesn't Spoil the Stew

DC eatery relies on the masses to define it

(Newser) - When Elements, a vegetarian and raw food restaurant, opens in DC next year, it will have one owner, but almost 400 people who conceived and developed the idea, the Washington Post reports. An online (and offline) community is helping with everything from designing a logo to greening the building. But... More »

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