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Report: Bannon Secretly Met With Top Chinese Official

He was asked to talk about populism

(Newser) - Steve Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, met secretly with "the second most powerful person in China" last week during a trip to Beijing, reports the Financial Times . Wang Qishan—second only to President Xi Jinping as anti-corruption tsar within China's Community Party—met with Bannon for... More »

Raul Castro to Step Down in 2018

He promotes rising star, says new term will be his last

(Newser) - Cuba will be getting a new leader in 2018—and for the first time since the Eisenhower administration, his name probably won't be Castro. Raul Castro was elected to a second five-year term by Cuba's National Assembly yesterday, and he declared that it would be his last, the... More »

FBI Worried Marilyn Monroe Was Communist

Newly redacted files shed light on agency's fruitless monitoring

(Newser) - Marilyn Monroe's FBI files are finally getting unredacted (well, mostly), more than 50 years after the icon's death, reports the AP . The files show that Monroe had been monitored since 1955 by the agency, which was concerned because some of the actress's acquaintances were suspected of having... More »

FBI Suspected Ray Bradbury of Communist Leanings

Huffington Post unveils writer's FBI file

(Newser) - Ray Bradbury's criticism of the government got him investigated by the FBI in the 1960s as a suspected Communist sympathizer, according to FBI files obtained by the Huffington Post via a FOIA request. Bradbury was reported to the FBI by screenwriter Martin Berkeley, who years earlier had told the... More »

Allen West: 80 House Dems Are Communists!

But the Republican didn't name names

(Newser) - Rep. Allen West spoke to a crowd last night of about 100 in Jensen Beach, Fla.—a crowd whose numbers were only slightly larger than the number of Communist Party members working in Congress. That's right, West yesterday revealed that "he's heard" as many as 80... More »

Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street does the Communist Party

(Newser) - Well, this is one endorsement the Occupy Wall Street movement probably wasn't gunning for: The American Nazi Party has officially backed the Occupiers in a statement on its website . The ANP, which also calls itself a National Socialist party, writes that the Occupy Wall Street movement is “TAYLOR... More »

China Communist Party Exceeds 80M Members

And they only accepted 14% of applicants last year

(Newser) - For China's Communist Party, biggest was just not big enough—the world's largest political party said today that it has grown even bigger, with the number of members passing 80 million people last year. Party membership in 2010 swelled to 80.27 million, an increase of more than... More »

Judge: Chile Must Investigate Neruda's Death

Communist party suspects famous poet was killed in coup

(Newser) - A Chilean judge has ordered an investigation into the death of Pablo Neruda, giving authorities license to examine police, witness, and medical records. The Nobel laureate died in 1973, just 12 days after a right-wing military coup overthrew Chile’s government. His official cause of death is listed as prostate... More »

Communist Party Gives Children Porn Pen

(Newser) - Customarily, primary school children in Germany receive a cardboard cone with candy on their first day of school. But some 6-year-olds in Essen got a disturbing surprise: Inside their cones were pens that projected erotic images. Furious parents reported it to the headmaster, who promptly laid the blame for the... More »

Massive Parade Marks China's 60th Birthday

Huge festivities combine modern power with Communist kitsch

(Newser) - A massive procession of tanks, troops, and nuclear missile launchers paraded through Beijing today, 60 years after Mao Zedong stood in Tiananmen Square and proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China. The rigorously choreographed procession combined old-school Communist imagery—including tens of thousands of children flipping colored cards... More »

On the Waterfront Writer Schulberg Dead at 95

(Newser) - Legendary Hollywood screenwriter Budd Schulberg has died, the New York Times reports. He was 95. Schulberg, who won an Oscar for On the Waterfront in 1955, was the son of a movie mogul and grew up as a Hollywood insider. His 1941 novel What Makes Sammy Run?, a scathing look... More »

Castro Slaps Down US Overtures

(Newser) - Raúl Castro has warned the US not to expect any changes to Cuba's communist system, saying that while Barack Obama's administration was less "aggressive," he was not prepared to make peace. His comments came after Hillary Clinton made several remarks suggesting better relations if Cuba changed... More »

Castro Purges Party on Video

(Newser) - Raul Castro firmly ratchets up his grip on power in a three-hour video being shown to Cuba's Communist Party members, the Financial Times reports. The video features scenes from a March politburo meeting during which Castro fired most of Fidel's cabinet, along with testimony from security officials. Those who have... More »

Communists Rise in Japan

Young Japanese see red over lack of workers' rights

(Newser) - The recession has reversed a long slide in the fortunes of the Japanese Communist Party, the BBC reports. The party had been shrinking for decades, but membership is now growing at the rate of a thousand people a month. Young people—introduced to Communist ideology through efforts like a manga... More »

Moldovan 'Twitter Revolution' Organizer Goes Into Hiding

Journalist fears arrest for role in anti-Communist protest

(Newser) - The journalist who used Twitter to organize last week's mass protests in Moldova has gone into hiding for fear of arrest. Journalist Natalia Morar, 25, told the Guardian she is avoiding telephones and the Internet in case the same tools she used to rally supporters are used against her by... More »

Russia Sees Red Over Moldova's Twitter Revolution

EU accused of plotting pro-Romania coup

(Newser) - The escalating crisis in Moldova is threatening to sour Russia's relations with the West once again, reports the Independent. Russia is siding with the Moldovan government in its accusations that the anti-Communist protests—organized by pro-EU youth mobilizing with the help of Twitter updates—are part of a coup attempt... More »

Twitter Fuels Moldovan Anti-Communist Riots

Moldovan youth use social networking to mobilize against election result

(Newser) - Thousands of young Moldovans have been using Twitter and other social networking sites to mobilize against the Communist Party's election victory, the New York Times reports. A crowd of some10,000 young activists, accusing the government of vote-rigging in Sunday's race, clashed with riot police outside the country's parliament yesterday,... More »

Socialists: Rescue Plan's Not Our Bag

Far left thinks $700B bailout is just capitalism remixed

(Newser) - Some on the right are decrying the $700 billion rescue plan as a step toward American socialism, but the real socialists beg to differ, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Bailing out the biggest financial corporations in the country is a far cry from what we have in mind when... More »

Cuba Jails Rocker for 'Geriatric Castro' Lyrics

Human rights groups furious as singer faces 4 years for protest music

(Newser) - A Cuban rock star has been jailed and will be charged with "subverting communist morality" because his lyrics scorn the revolution, and rip "geriatric" Fidel and Raul Castro, the Guardian reports. Gorki Aguila, front man for underground band Porno para Ricardo, could face up to four years... More »

Commies See Red Over Indiana Jones Film

St. Petersburg's Communist Party says a big 'nyet' to latest Indy adventure

(Newser) - Indy's new Cold War adventure has infuriated St. Petersburg's Communist Party, the London Times reports. The angry apparatchiks say Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's depiction of ruthless KGB spies who send terrorists to the US is pure propaganda intended to “slander Soviet Communists” and poison... More »

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