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Even Subtle Loneliness Could Betray Early Onset Alzheimer's

People with high levels of amyloid were far more likely to feel lonely

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered a link between the levels of amyloid plaque in the brains of otherwise healthy seniors and feelings of loneliness, and the connection is strong enough to suggest possible screening. Reporting in the journal JAMA Psychiatry , researchers say that among the 43 women and 36 men they examined,... More »

Scientists Claim Link Between Herpes Virus and Alzheimer's

Renowned researchers pen an editorial calling for more research into virus and bacteria

(Newser) - Roughly two-thirds of American adults have been exposed to the herpes type 1 virus (oral; type 2 is the genital one), and they could be predisposed to developing Alzheimer's disease later in life. So writes a group of 31 international scientists and clinicians in an editorial in the Journal ... More »

Another Reason to Resolve to Get Good Sleep

Researchers suspect a lack of it could 'set the stage' for Alzheimer's

(Newser) - There's a new story to file under the "beware of too little sleep" category, and it's a pretty ominous one: that a lack of deep sleep could help pave the way to Alzheimer's disease. Actually, that there's some sort of relationship has long been established... More »

Scientists Create 'Alzheimer's in a Dish'

Breakthrough will make drug testing much easier

(Newser) - A huge breakthrough in Alzheimer's research—and one that doesn't involve tests on mice: Scientists have successfully created "Alzheimer's in a dish" using human brain cells in research that will make it much cheaper and easier to test new anti-Alzheimer's drugs, reports the New York ... More »

New Brain Scan Tests for Alzheimer's

Chemical marks amyloid proteins that show up in scan

(Newser) - A new test to help detect Alzheimer's disease has been approved by the FDA, raising hopes of improving early detection of the degenerative brain disorder, reports the Wall Street Journal . The test uses a radioactive agent that tags a protein called amyloid, which, when present in the brain, is... More »

Cancer Med Works Wonders Against Alzheimer's in Mice

Bexarotene removes plaque built up on brain

(Newser) - Scientists were "shocked and amazed" at the effects of a common cancer drug in battling Alzheimer's in mice. The disease causes a buildup of plaque in the brain—but just hours after mice received bexarotene, the plaque began to disappear and the mice got smarter, AFP reports. The... More »

MRIs Hold Promise of Early Alzheimer's Detection

Brain plaque spotted in rabbits

(Newser) - Researchers are a step closer to early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using conventional MRI scanners. Plaque associated with Alzheimer's has been detected in rabbits by a team in Canada using MRI equipment, Reuters reports. Currently, the disease is diagnosed based on a series of tests, but a diagnosis can only... More »

7 Stories