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Stalking Exes Online Is Bad for Your Health

Tracy Clark-Flory: 'Cutting off contact' is much healthier

(Newser) - What with Facebook, Flickr, and other fine venues for stalking "exes," breakups aren't nearly as final as they once were. But for your own good, please stop following them around cyberspace. "Conventional wisdom, and even science, has it that cutting off contact with an ex makes... More »

Marissa Mayer Gives Yahoo a 'Cool' Makeover

Free lunches, new layout aimed at happier workplace

(Newser) - With Marissa Mayer at the helm for just two weeks, Yahoo is already looking more and more like her old workplace, Google: more "collaborative and cool," writes Kara Swisher at AllThingsD . That means some fresh perks for workers, most notable among them, free food in the company's... More »

Where to Get Your Five-Ringed Fix Online

From NBC's site to Twitter lists, little need for actual TV

(Newser) - With watching the Olympics on actual TV being so, like, 2008, TechCrunch presents the best places to keep tabs online:
  • NBC Olympics : Lots of scores and news—and if you’re a premium cable customer, 400 hours of live events.
  • Vancouver 2010 : The host committee’s site has the usual
... More »

How to Manage Your Passwords From the Grave

From Facebook to bank accounts, online afterlife a thorny legal area

(Newser) - These days grieving relatives have a new problem to contend with: managing the Facebook, Flickr, and eBay accounts of the dead. As people trust ever more of their lives to the Internet, from email and online banking to identities on Second Life, very few have considered what exactly will happen... More »

Bing, Yahoo Bar Web Porn in India

Search engines switch India to stricter settings

(Newser) - Indian computer users enter "sex" into search engines more than users in any other country, but Internet firms have moved to deliver only sanitized results to the nation. Yahoo's search engine and the Flickr photo-sharing site have switched the entire country's setting to "safe search" only, as has... More »

Sasha in Oval Office Evokes John-John

Photo of youngest Obama visiting Dad echoes Camelot image

(Newser) - A new photo released by the White House shows Sasha Obama sneaking up on her dad from behind an Oval Office couch—recalling an iconic image of John Kennedy Jr. hiding under his dad’s desk in 1963. That picture became part of the Kennedy family’s "‘Camelot’... More »

The Best of the Web 2009

Time ranks top websites

(Newser) - Overwhelmed by the stream of new, powerful sites constantly emerging to suit every taste? Time picks 50 you should explore, if you haven’t already:
  • Etsy: “The long-haired, Birkenstocked love child of Amazon and eBay,” and the place to go online for handmade crafts, from housewares to clothing.
... More »

Flickr Cowardly for Taking Down Obama Joker

Website caved too easily: image isn't a copyright violation

(Newser) - Flickr is catching fire for its decision to take down the now-infamous image of Barack Obama photoshopped to look like the joker. Flickr says it received a takedown notice under the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act for the Time cover mockup, but that excuse doesn’t fly for Michael Arrington... More »

Flickr Lost 3K of My Photos: Angry Blogger

Slams service after hacker permanently deletes costly images

(Newser) - Flickr has earned a blogger’s harsh rebuke for losing 3,000 of his photos, Gawker reports. A hacker was able to permanently delete the photos by attaching a Hotmail account to Morgan Tepsic’s Flickr account, and Tepsic is livid that Flickr didn’t better protect work he says... More »

For Latest on Iran Unrest, Check Online First

(Newser) - Traditional media are having a tough time covering the Iranian election fallout, but fear not: Web 2.0 is up to the task. The Washington Post runs down the best destinations for those hoping to stay on top of the situation:
  • Current, unedited photos containing "a level
... More »

China Blocks Twitter Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

Flickr, Hotmail, Bing get shut down

(Newser) - As Thursday's 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre approaches, China has blocked access to Twitter, Flickr, and Hotmail, among other sites, TechCrunch reports. “The lead-up to any date like this is usually a time when the Firewall is tightened,” notes Mike Butcher, who was told by a... More »

Social Sites Don't Delete Photos Promptly: Study

7 sites left photos up after purportedly removing them

(Newser) - Uploaded photos remain on social-networking sites long after users think they’ve deleted them, a study finds. Researchers put photos on 16 popular sites and then deleted them. A month later, the BBC reports, the photos were still accessible using their direct URLs on seven of those sites, including Facebook—... More »

Brown Blocks Comments on His YouTube Channel

Says volume of feedback would be impossible to monitor

(Newser) - The British government has tried to harness the power of the Internet, but for Gordon Brown, the Web’s been prickly: a video of him picking his nose, for example, has been viewed far more often than recent policy address. Now the prime minister’s team has disabled comments on... More »

New Site Helps Control Your Digital Legacy

(Newser) - How much is your digital self worth to you? At least one new website is betting it’s enough that you might want to pass on that value after you die, Mashable reports. Legacy Locker, which launches today, allows you to designate caretakers to take control of your YouTube videos,... More »

Amateur Photogs Hit the Big Time Online

(Newser) - Online image libraries combined with widely available pro-quality photographic equipment are creating a new—and potentially lucrative—outlet for amateur shutterbugs, USA Today reports. Stock photo behemoth Getty Images officially joins forces with Flickr today, but the screening process is tough: From Flickr’s online library of 3 billion... More »

No, Blogging Isn't Dead

Tools like Twitter complement, rather than replace, traditional blogging, argues blogger

(Newser) - A recent Wired magazine article argued that blogging is out, that mainstream media have taken the practice over, and one-time bloggers have moved on to social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Not so, responds Allyson Kapin on Fast Company. Witness the 175,000 new blogs created daily and... More »

Microblogging Creates World of 'Ambient Awareness'

Experts compare it to physical closeness

(Newser) - The mini-missives that friends post on websites like Twitter create what experts call "ambient awareness"—a form of contact akin to picking up a friend's body language or stray remarks. Alone they add up to little, "but taken together, over time, the little snippets coalesce into a... More »

Lover Joined Edwards on Tour to Announce Prez Race

Blogger posts pix of 'inner circle'

(Newser) - John Edwards brought former mistress Rielle Hunter on his campaign plane during his four-day presidential announcement tour, reports the Washington Post. Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, did not accompany her husband. A technology blogger invited along on the 2006 trip has published photographs of Hunter, who was working as a videographer for... More »

Photo-Sharing Site Offers Ease, Collaboration

Souped-up Shutterfly is in beta and set to launch in August

(Newser) - With lost passwords and clunky sign-up procedures, online photo-sharing can be a bit of a hassle. But a new service from Shutterfly offers a simpler way, Katherine Boehret writes in the Wall Street Journal after taking it for a spin. Shutterfly Share still has some problems— you can’t post... More »

Flickr Users Help ID Archival Photos

Historical archives find new life online

(Newser) - Flickr users are helping the Library of Congress identify photos in its historical archives, reports USA Today. So far, users have supplied information on 500 photos featured in Flickr's "The Commons" project, which drew 8.2 million views in just 6 months. Both partners are "stunned by the... More »

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