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Oil Industry Squeezed as US Demand Tanks

(Newser) - Big oil execs, analysts, and government sources say a century-old American tradition is waning: after years of increasing oil consumption, US guzzling has peaked, they believe. Last year, demand plunged 7.1% for gas, diesel, and jet fuel—the biggest drop since 1950, when dependable records began. And major changes... More »

With Oil Supplies Dropping, Look for Prices to Soar Again

Firms are delaying projects; millions of barrels a day face 'risk'

(Newser) - A tough economy and falling prices have hit oil firms hard, forcing them to cut back capital spending and delay projects. So when demand again increases, supply could be short, the Wall Street Journal reports, driving prices back up. Slowing investment could hamper future supply growth by some 8 million... More »

Global Demand for Oil Expected to Plummet

Consumption will drop in consecutive years; first time in 3 decades

(Newser) - The price of oil continued its descent today, settling at $42.07 a barrel amid new signs of collapsing demand worldwide, the Financial Times reports. Global consumption will shrink by 50,000 barrels a day in 2008 and by a whopping 450,000 barrels a day in 2009, the Energy... More »

Big Oil Takes Big Hit in Stocks' Dive

Demand slows, but company coffers plenty full ... for now

(Newser) - Oil companies’ stocks are plummeting, but the majors are comfortable with long-term plans and bulging coffers, the Wall Street Journal reports. The global economy is pushing crude prices down, and analysts think measures are necessary to keep share prices up. But larger outfits like Exxon made investments based on lower... More »

China's Thirst for Gaz-Guzzlers Boosts Oil Demand

SUV sales jump 43% over last year

(Newser) - While soaring gas prices are driving Americans to buy more energy-efficient cars, Chinese consumers are opting for gas-guzzling Buicks and Hummers, reports the Washington Post. China accounts for 40% of the world's recent increase in oil demand. There were few private cars in China 15 years ago, but today there... More »

5 Stories