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GM Recalls 1.2M SUVs

64K Cadillac sedans also called back

(Newser) - As it deals with reports of a possible 303 deaths linked to ignition-switch problems, General Motors is issuing another recall—this time of 1.2 million SUVs and several hundred thousand other vehicles. The company needs to fix wiring for a side airbag in the SUVs, CNNMoney reports. Customers may... More »

GM Recalls 1.5 Million Cars After Reports of Fire

At least 5 vehicles caught fire thanks to washer fluid

(Newser) - General Motors is recalling 1.5 million vehicles in the wake of reports that at least five have caught on fire thanks to a problem with their heated windshield washer system. The recall covers vehicles made from 2006 to 2009 across a host of lines, including Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, and... More »

Twitter Helps Kill Ugly Buick Hybrid

(Newser) - Irate Twitterers appear to have forced General Motors to scrap a proposed Buick plug-in hybrid based on the Saturn Vue, Jalopnik reports. “VUE, with a touch of Buick,” tweeted one hater. “I dub thee the Vue-ick.” GM cited “the overwhelmingly negative response to this vehicle”... More »

GM Announces Plug-In Hybrid SUV

Buick model could get twice the mileage of similar automobiles

(Newser) - General Motors’ Buick brand will churn out the first plug-in hybrid SUV by a leading automaker, the company said today. “Buick will get our first plug-in hybrid, which will put the brand front and center in the advanced technology game,” said a GM exec. The company says the... More »

GM to Scrap Pontiac Brand

(Newser) - GM plans to discontinue its underperforming Pontiac line, putting an end to the brand that inaugurated the era of the muscle car, CNNMoney reports. Though GM has not publicly announced the move, the fate of Pontiac has been in doubt since at least 2005, when an exec called the brand... More »

US Cars Catch Foreign Makers in Dependability

(Newser) - Buick and Jaguar are the most dependable all-around car brands this year, the Detroit News reports. A study by JD Power and Associates looked at the average number of problems that crop up in 2006 models to make its estimation, which could be more influential as the recession has drivers... More »

Detroit's Sourest Lemons

A look at these clunkers will leave little doubt why Motown's in such a mess

(Newser) - With Detroit automakers making headlines on Capitol Hill, the New York Daily News offers a retrospective on the Motor City’s biggest lemons:
  • Ford Edsel: A gas-guzzling marketing disaster that became a byword for failure.
  • Chevy Aveo: From 0 to 60 in 11.7 seconds.
  • Hummer H2: A militaristic
... More »

GM Ends Woods Endorsement Deal

Golfer has been Buick pitchman for 9 years

(Newser) - General Motors is ending Tiger Woods' endorsement deal in an attempt to cut costs, the Detroit News reports today. Woods has been the celebrity face of GM’s Buick brand for 9 years, but his contract will expire Dec. 31. The golfer, whose wife is expecting their second child, says... More »

China's Thirst for Gaz-Guzzlers Boosts Oil Demand

SUV sales jump 43% over last year

(Newser) - While soaring gas prices are driving Americans to buy more energy-efficient cars, Chinese consumers are opting for gas-guzzling Buicks and Hummers, reports the Washington Post. China accounts for 40% of the world's recent increase in oil demand. There were few private cars in China 15 years ago, but today there... More »

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