Yosemite National Park

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Killed Climber Was Following 'Big Dream' in Yosemite

Andrew Foster was crushed in a rockfall Wednesday

(Newser) - Andrew and Lucy Foster were "on a dream holiday"—a three-week trip to Yosemite from their home in Wales—to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary when tragedy struck, the Guardian reports. A sheet of granite weighing more than 1,000 tons fell from a height of 650 feet... More »

Without Warning, a Building-Sized Rock Falls in Yosemite

Tragedy at El Capitan

(Newser) - Tragedy at Yosemite National Park: A visitor was killed and another injured when a massive chunk of rock fell off the El Capitan granite monolith, one of the world's most famous climbs. The National Park Service says the huge rockfall happened near the "Waterfall Route," a popular... More »

Amid Storm, Camper Killed at Yosemite

Fierce winds, heavy snow may be to blame for bringing tree down that killed woman

(Newser) - A camper at Yosemite National Park left his site with his wife Sunday morning to fetch coffee, but when they tried to return to their tent, they were met with the sight of an ambulance, a firetruck, and park rangers who wouldn't let them back into the area. The... More »

Yosemite National Park Sees Biggest Expansion in Almost 7 Decades

Park grows by 400 acres

(Newser) - Yosemite National Park is getting 400 more acres, its largest expansion since 1949. The Trust for Public Land bought the land, which was previously used for logging and cattle grazing and which lies along the park's western boundary, for $2.3 million, NPR reports. The trust, a conservation group... More »

Photographer Finds Mystery Newlyweds in Epic Yosemite Photo

'That 'Eureka!' moment just unfolded,' and then they were gone

(Newser) - A newlywed couple now has a breathtaking image to add to their wedding album, thanks to a kind and persistent stranger. Amateur photographer Mike Karas says he was snapping photos of the sunset in Yosemite last Thursday when he noticed "a couple in a tuxedo and wedding dress" standing... More »

10 Best Places to Visit in the US

Grand Canyon, Maui top the list

(Newser) - Planning your summer vacation? US News & World Report has compiled a list of the top vacation spots in the US, based on thousands of votes. There's something for everyone, from nature lovers to beachgoers. Here's the top 10: More »

Lucky Tourist Survives Scary Yosemite Plunge

Dutch woman fell on granite slab, broke her pelvis

(Newser) - A Dutch tourist is lucky to be alive after falling 25 feet in Yosemite National Park on Saturday. Though the 28-year-old woman is believed to have broken her pelvis—which can be a fatal injury in some cases—the San Francisco Chronicle suggests the incident could have been far worse:... More »

2 Kids Killed by Falling Branch at Yosemite Camp

The victims were sleeping in their tent

(Newser) - Two minors were killed when an oak tree branch fell onto their tent early today in Yosemite National Park, NBC Bay Area reports. The victims were sleeping at the popular Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite Valley when the branch fell. According to a statement released by the National Park Service,... More »

Child Camping at Yosemite Gets the Plague

It's California's first case since 2006

(Newser) - Scary news from Yosemite National Park: A child who was on a family camping trip in the national park in mid-July contracted California's first case of plague since 2006, the state's Department of Public Health says in a press release . The department says the child, who visited Stanislaus... More »

Another Big-Name BASE Jumper Killed in Fall

Ian Flanders was working on documentary about the sport's dangers

(Newser) - An American thrill-seeker fell to his death yesterday after attempting a jump at a gorge in eastern Turkey, CBS News reports. Ian Flanders, a California BASE jumper, was in the country for an extreme-sports event, and his jumps were being filmed by a local TV station. Flanders completed his first... More »

Near-Extinct Fox Spotted at Yosemite

Sierra Nevada red fox hadn't been seen in park for a century

(Newser) - "They are extremely cute little animals," a Yosemite National Park spokeswoman says of the park's latest find. They're also extremely rare: The Sierra Nevada red fox hasn't been spotted in Yosemite in a hundred years, reports the LA Times . That's because they're shy... More »

2 Complete Historic Yosemite Climb

Free-climbers scale wall of El Capitan

(Newser) - They made it: Two free-climbers today achieved the amazing feat of scaling a sheer granite wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park using only their hands and feet. Kevin Jorgeson, 30, and Tommy Caldwell, 36, made it to the top of the Dawn Wall about 3pm local time, the... More »

2 Attempt 'Hardest Rock Climb in World'

Climbers more than halfway along El Capitan's Dawn Wall in Yosemite

(Newser) - Two climbers in Yosemite National Park are attempting a feat no one has ever accomplished: climbing the entirety of a smooth rock face known as the Dawn Wall, part of the El Capitan formation, while shunning ropes except to catch their falls. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson have already passed... More »

Plane Fighting Yosemite Fire Crashes, Killing Pilot

Officials don't know yet what caused the air tanker to go down

(Newser) - An air tanker fighting a wildfire at Yosemite National Park mysteriously crashed yesterday, killing the pilot, the Los Angeles Times reports. A spokesman for the state's Department of Forestry and Fire Protection says it's believed the pilot was alone in the plane and that he worked for DynCorp... More »

Climber Killed in Fall Hours After Proposing

And girl, 8, falls to death in Yellowstone

(Newser) - Veteran rock climber Brad Parker summited Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park with girlfriend Jainee Dial on Saturday, and then proposed. "This is the happiest day of my life," he told her when she accepted, according to his father. Then the couple parted ways, and tragedy struck. Parker,... More »

Vets Storm Barricaded WWII Memorial

They're not taking your shutdown baloney, dear Congress

(Newser) - The World War II Memorial in Washington is currently barricaded, thanks to the government shutdown, but that didn't stop a group of WWII vets from entering it today. The group, part of an honor flight program from Mississippi, had chartered an airplane and made plans too far in advance... More »

There's an Upside to Yosemite Wildfire

It could restore the forest's ecosystem back to its natural state

(Newser) - The Atlantic goes looking for some silver lining to the Yosemite wildfire , and finds this: Carl Skinner, a US Forest Service ecologist, has discovered that the forest has been altered over the past 100 years due to human intervention into naturally occurring forest fires, becoming less diverse. So the current... More »

Yosemite Fire Will Burn for 18 More Days

It's now the 4th-largest fire in California history

(Newser) - California's Rim Fire is now 45% contained, but it's still getting bigger—so big, in fact, that it's now the fourth-largest the state has ever seen, the AP reports. It now covers 351 square miles; that's more ground than San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose combined,... More »

Rim Fire May Have Started on Illegal Pot Farm: Official

California's national parks are full of them, say authorities

(Newser) - A fire chief in California's Tuolumne County quietly revealed an interesting tidbit about the origins of the Rim Fire last week, the San Jose Mercury News reports: officials suspect it was started by marijuana growers. "We don't know the exact cause," he told a town meeting,... More »

Yosemite Firefighters' Plan: Set More Fires

Rim Fire could be fully contained by Sept. 10, officials say

(Newser) - The giant Rim Fire near Yosemite is still growing—it's now the sixth-largest in California history—but it's also slowing, and firefighters expect to have the 301-square-mile blaze fully contained by Sept. 10, the Los Angeles Times reports. How will they do it? By setting more fires inside... More »

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