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Obama, Congress May as Well Go Home

Nothing will get done until after the election anyway: Judd Gregg

(Newser) - With 2012 campaign in full swing, neither the president nor Congress will do much governing until after the November elections—so they might as well just go home, and leave Washington to the pundits, the lobbyists, and the "professional, mid-level cadre" of bureaucrats who actually run the government anyway,... More »

Trouble for Romney? '08 Backers Keep Quiet

Former governor has little support in Iowa, South Carolina

(Newser) - Mitt Romney may be “the nearest thing the GOP has to a frontrunner,” but the path ahead of him is looking thorny: many of the key supporters of his 2008 campaign haven’t committed to supporting him in 2012, writes Jonathan Martin in Politico . In fact, some former... More »

NH Race Still Too Close to Call

Ayotte, Lamontagne may be headed for recount in GOP Senate race

(Newser) - The final round of primaries before the midterms delivered some big wins for the Tea Party and there's still a prize to claim in New Hampshire. The state's seven-way Republican US Senate primary is down to two candidates and it's still too close to call between attorney Ovide Lamontagne and... More »

Republicans Say Financial Reform Will Pass

'This is so unlike the health care debate,' says Bob Corker

(Newser) - Two top Republican Senators say Barack Obama’s bid to overhaul the financial regulatory system is sure to get through the upper chamber. “This is so unlike the health care debate,” Bob Corker told Politico , saying Republicans had made a “major strategic error” by refusing to negotiate... More »

GOP Hopes Blue Dogs Can Kill Health Bill

Republicans see Democratic split in House as last chance

(Newser) - Republicans’ latest strategy in their war against health care reform: Get the Blue Dogs to kill the bill for them. With the public increasingly weary of congressional gridlock, the Republicans would rather the bill die “without their fingerprints on the body,” writes David Rogers of Politico . They also... More »

CBO Predicts Hefty Deficit, Jobless Figures

Senate, meanwhile, rejects bipartisan panel on red ink

(Newser) - The CBO issued some bleak news today about the economy and prospects for a quick recovery. The nonpartisan agency predicted a $1.35 trillion budget deficit this year—on par with last year's record of $1.4 trillion—and unemployment averaging 10.1%. The forecast for next year doesn't look... More »

Bernanke Nom Builds Steam

Geithner, Dodd, Gregg all 'very confident' he'll win second term

(Newser) - Amid gathering clouds over his reconfirmation parade, Ben Bernanke's chances have appeared to turn around, with Tim Geithner joining key banking committee senators Chris Dodd and Judd Gregg in saying he is "very confident" the Fed chair would succeed. A White House aide further confirmed to Politico that President... More »

Voinovich Makes 9 GOP Yeas for Sotomayor

(Newser) - As she coasts toward confirmation, Sonia Sotomayor picked up the support of a 9th Republican today, reports MSNBC. Ohio Sen. George Voinovich’s promised yea joins yesterday's announcement by Kit Bond of Missouri and on-again-off-again Obama cabinet nominee Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. Voinovich is among four of six retiring... More »

Obama Picks Up Steam in Congress Over F-22 Funds

Lawmakers had opposed Prez's bid to cut money

(Newser) - In a shift, the White House looks likely to win over Congress in its bid to cut $1.7 billion in funding for the F-22 fighter jet, Politico reports. Congress had looked set to support the measure last week, but the administration is pressing hard with Defense Secretary Robert Gates... More »

McConnell: Health Plan 'Not Good' for US

Republican leader says nation already has quality care

(Newser) - The fight over health care got even testier today when Mitch McConnell said Republicans wouldn’t support President Obama’s reform plan. “It’s not good for the country,” the Senate minority leader told Meet the Press. “We have quality health care now. We do not have... More »

Health Bill Has a Big Carrot for the Healthy

Senate measure would let employers cut premiums up to 50%

(Newser) - A measure slipped into the Senate’s health care reform bill could cut workers’ insurance costs by up to half if they eat well, lose weight, and quit smoking, the Boston Globe reports. The measure may be key to encouraging Americans to stay healthy without too much government imposition, a... More »

Durbin: Cheney 'Way Beyond' the Constitution

Also, Palin resignation 'surprised' McCain; she 'did not call me'

(Newser) - The revelation that Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to withhold information from Congress “absolutely” warrants an investigation, Sen. Dick Durbin said today. “To give the president unbridled authority goes way beyond the United States Constitution,” Durbin told This Week. Over on Fox News Sunday, Sen. John Cornyn... More »

Nine Senators Hold Key to Health Reform

Baucus leads 'Board of Directors' in tough bipartisan negotiations

(Newser) - If Barack Obama succeeds in overhauling America's health care system by the end of 2009, he'll have to thank a bipartisan group of nine senators charged with developing a bill that can muster 60 votes. The "Board of Directors"—named by Max Baucus, Obama's go-to figure for health... More »

Gregg Pulled In Profit on Air Force Base Earmark

No personal gain from earmarks, says senator

(Newser) - Barack Obama can be glad Sen. Judd Gregg, briefly nominated for commerce secretary, backed out. Today, the AP reports that Gregg invested heavily in efforts by his brother Cyrus to redevelop New Hampshire’s Pease Air Force Base, while earmarking federal dollars for the redevelopment. “These earmarks do not... More »

Gregg Flap Sheds Light on Perennial Census Battle

(Newser) - Judd Gregg’s flirtation with the top job at Commerce has brought the partisan battle over the US Census to the fore with just a year to go before before the official count, the New York Times reports. Most Americans may not think of the census as a political tool,... More »

GOP Hardliners Change Tune on Gregg

Senator's decision to quit is rallying cry for Republicans

(Newser) - Judd Gregg said the right bipartisan things, but to a Republican Party in need of a boost, his withdrawal as nominee for commerce secretary feels like an act of defiance against the administration, reports Politico. When his decision was announced in a party meeting, attendees broke into applause. "Sen.... More »

Honest Abe for Commerce? Obama Pokes Fun at Trouble

Maybe Abe sat around waiting for a call to be commerce secretary

(Newser) - President Obama poked a little fun at himself and his own Cabinet-appointee travails last night during a tribute to Abe Lincoln in Illinois, notes the Chicago Tribune. Obama drew a long round of laughter when he described Lincoln's pre-presidential days as a Springfield lawyer, "his feet on a cluttered... More »

Obama: Gregg's Withdrawal 'Something of a Surprise'

(Newser) - President Obama—now 0 for 2 on commerce nominations—said Judd Gregg's decision to back out today came as a "something of a surprise," the State Journal-Register of Springfield reports. "The truth, you know, Mr. Gregg approached us with interest and seemed enthusiastic," said Obama. The... More »

Gregg Drops Out as Commerce Pick

(Newser) - More bad Cabinet news for President Obama: Republican Sen. Judd Gregg is withdrawing from consideration to be commerce secretary, the Washington Post reports. Gregg, who represents New Hampshire, cited "irresolvable conflicts" with Obama on issues including the stimulus package. He's the second commerce nominee to withdraw, following Bill Richardson.... More »

Hey, Obamaniacs: Here Are Your Answers

Wait, bipartisanship means we have to listen to Republicans?

(Newser) - If you’re a card-carrying Obama fan, chances are “you’ve been feeling unstimulated” with the news of late, Gail Collins writes in the New York Times. But don’t worry, she has the answers to all your burning questions:
  • How could so many Cabinet nominees have tax problems?
... More »

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