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6 Events to Watch in Beijing

(Newser) - For those who won't watch every Olympic game—and who will?—Esquire has picked a few Olympic highlights to Tivo:
  • Day 1: Michael Phelps starts his second bid for eight gold medals.
  • Day 2: Kobe Bryant dribbles and shoots in the Olympics—for the first time ever.
  • Day 2: US
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A 10 Won't Win Gym Gold in Beijing

New system eliminates 'perfect score' ceiling in gymnastics

(Newser) - When gymnasts take to the vault and the uneven bars at this summer's Olympics, viewers will notice a major change to the scoring: the perfect 10 has been eliminated. For the first time at the Games, gymnastics will be assessed on a scale with no ceiling, with gold medalists expected... More »

Hand Will Keep Gymnast Hamm From Beijing

Break won't heal in time for US star to defend '04 all-around gold

(Newser) - Paul Hamm will not be going to the Beijing Olympics to defend his all-around gold medal, the US gymnast announced today, because his broken right hand has not healed sufficiently. He also hurt his rotator cuff in his accelerated recovery effort. "I have put my heart and soul into... More »

3 Stories