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83% Don't Know What 'Jumped the Shark' Means

And 43% want Hillary for VP

(Newser) - The latest 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll offers readers a new batch of quirky questions, including whether they’re familiar with the Happy Days-inspired phrase “jumped the shark.” Some 83% of respondents didn’t know it meant a show was past its prime. Among other interesting stats:
  • If Joe
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10 Signs the Bacon Craze Has Gone Too Far

Let's find another ingredient instead of putting bacon in coffee: Tim Love

(Newser) - Don’t get him wrong—Tim Love appreciates bacon as much as the next celebrity chef, but “I have to speak truth to power: The bacon craze has gone too far.” When you can get “bacon coffee, bacon cereal, bacon ice cream,” it’s “high... More »

Why Sharks Trump Cats

There's evidence well beyond just Cats , the musical

(Newser) - For the few torn between the two as a favorite animal, the Shark Guys sink their teeth into why sharks are better than cats. Some highlights:
  • When’s the last time you got a LOLSharks pic?
  • James Bond was never dropped into a cat-filled aquarium.
  • “Sharks taste good in
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Will 'Nuked the Fridge' Unseat 'Jumped the Shark'?

Indy moment is new sign 15 minutes are up

(Newser) - Did Indiana Jones set the new standard in ridiculous? Many movie geeks think Dr. Jones’ ability to survive a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was so outrageous that “nuking the fridge” should replace “jumping the shark” in pop-culture parlance, Noam... More »

4 Stories