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Boy Charged for Mock Sex Act on Jesus Statue

Desecrating a venerated object doesn't go over well in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - You know what simulating a sex act in front of a Jesus statue and posting pictures of it online will get you? In western Pennsylvania, it'll get you criminal charges. A 14-year-old boy is learning that lesson the hard way after he was charged under a little-known Bedford County... More »

Imam Arrested for Framing Disabled Girl for Blasphemy

Witnesses say cleric tore Koran, put pages in girl's bag

(Newser) - A Muslim cleric was arrested today for framing a blasphemy accusation against an 11-year-old Christian girl who reportedly suffers from Down syndrome, reports Reuters . Witnesses said the cleric tore pages from a Koran and put them in the girl's bag, which led to the original outrage and charges against... More »

Europe Seeing Rise in War Memorial Porn

Latest case has couple filming sex acts at WWI monument in France

(Newser) - Europe’s war memorials are seeing an uptick in obscene acts of desecration, the Telegraph reports, with the most recent involving a couple making a pornographic film at the Vimy Ridge memorial in northern France, which commemorates some of the 60,000 Canadians who died in the First World War.... More »

3 Stories