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'Dungeon Woman' Learns Her Fate

Linda Weston is sentenced in Philadelphia courtroom

(Newser) - A woman who kept mentally disabled adults captive in the basement of a Philadelphia home and in other states for their disability checks was sentenced Thursday to life in prison. Linda Weston, 55, apologized during the hearing, saying, "I believe in God and God knows what happened." US... More »

Stepmom Told Boy to Stay in Basement, He Says

But lots of questions remain about case of Detroit's Charlie Bothuell V

(Newser) - Thanks to a court document obtained by the Detroit Free Press , we now know a little bit more about why a "missing" 12-year-old boy was found hunkered down in his basement : Charlie Bothuell V told authorities that his stepmother put him there and instructed him "not to come... More »

Students Find Guy Secretly Living in Their Basement

They initially thought it was a ghost

(Newser) - What’s behind door number one? A person, apparently. A group of Ohio State students got a scare when they learned someone was living behind a secret door in their basement. Newsy reports: More »

Woman Held Captive in Philly Basement: Cops

Regina Bennett, 46, has been arrested

(Newser) - It's the kind of story where you don't want the word "again" to come into play. But Philadelphia is once again in the news with the revelation that a woman with special needs was being held captive in a basement there. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that... More »

Rich Turn to Pimping Basements

Media rooms, arcade games, full gyms making downstairs space not so musty

(Newser) - Basements are no longer the lowly underbelly of the high-end home. With the rise of home-theater technology, and widespread community opposition to mansion expansion, wealthy homeowners are increasingly turning basements into underground playgrounds, Portfolio reports, featuring everything from faux-'50s diners to recording studios to saunas. “Whether you have a... More »

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