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Convention Bounce Small, Fading Fast

Polls see Obama's approval grow by below-average 3%-4%, then diminish over weekend

(Newser) - Barack Obama enjoyed a noticeable, but below-average, bounce in opinion polls after last week’s Democratic National Convention, Politico reports—but the gains appear to be already diminishing. Obama has risen 4% in Gallup’s daily tracking poll, 3% in a CBS survey—smaller than the average 5-6% convention bounce.... More »

Gallup Shows Biggest Obama Lead—Even as McCain Gains

Republican has edge among those most likely to vote, poll finds; Dem sees bounce

(Newser) - After a Gallup poll yesterday showed Barack Obama with his biggest lead to date among all registered voters, at 9%, a Gallup/USA Today survey out today has John McCain ahead among those voters deemed most likely to actually go to the polls in November. A rep for Gallup—which conducts... More »

2 Stories