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Drivers Get Slimed by Eels in Oregon

Truck carrying eels overturns

(Newser) - Drivers in Oregon got a slimy surprise Thursday afternoon when a truck full of eels overturned on Highway 101, KPTV reports. The eels were on their way to Korea "for consumption" when the seafood livestock truck carrying them rolled over. The Oregonian states it was a "decidedly disgusting... More »

Hawaii Surfer Bitten ... in Eel Attack?

Officials say it might be a first in the state

(Newser) - A surfer is recovering from serious injuries after he fell off a wave in Hawaii and was possibly bitten by … an eel. Yes, humans should apparently fear the creatures' teeth as well as their zapping ability . The 33-year-old local man was surfing at Waikiki Beach on Saturday when he... More »

Scientists Unravel Mystery of Electric Fish's Jolt

6-foot electric eel is 6-inch fish attached to a 5.5-foot cattle prod

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have assembled the complete genome of an electric fish—the potent South American electric eel—and in doing so have identified something much larger: Exactly how this fish, along with electric fish from other families, evolved to create their jolt-delivering organ. The findings, out of... More »

Man Dies After 'Friends' Insert Eel in His Rectum

Drunken prank fatal for Chinese chef

(Newser) - A Chinese chef with possibly the worst friends in the world died after a live eel shoved up his rectum as a prank when he was passed out drunk gnawed through his guts. Doctors mystified by the man's abdominal pain and anal bleeding cut him open and were astonished to... More »

Japan Cools Down with Fizzy Eel Energy Drink

Yellow-colored beverage made from head and bone extracts

(Newser) - A new fizzy, yellow-colored canned drink is hitting shelves in Japan this month, and it contains an unusual ingredient—eel. Unagi Nobori, or "Surging Eel," is made from the extracts from the head and bones of eel and five vitamins. "It's mainly for men who are exhausted... More »

5 Stories