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Euthanasia Drug Found in Dog Food, 4 Brands Recalled

Gravy Train, 3 other brands owned by JM Smucker recalled after pentobarbital discovered

(Newser) - Four brands of dog food under the JM Smucker Co. umbrella have been recalled after a DC TV station tested one of the brands and found traces of a euthanizing drug used on dogs, cats, and horses in 60% of the samples. The AP reports that shipments of cans of... More »

Euthanasia Chemical Found in Dog Food

Evanger's recalls Hunk of Beef Au Jus product

(Newser) - Pet food maker Evanger's is recalling some of its dog food because it may contain a chemical used in the euthanization of animals, as well as in lethal injection. The chemical, pentobarbital , can cause dizziness, nausea, and death, and was detected in a single lot of Evanger's Hunk... More »

Never Give These Foods to Your Pet

Grapes, avocados, cookies are dangerous for dogs, cats

(Newser) - You may have heard that you shouldn't give chocolate to your dog—but how about grapes? Or sugar-free gum? Alternet lists eight foods that humans may consume, but pets definitely shouldn't:
  1. Sugar-free treats like gum, which contain xylitol. The sugar alcohol is extracted from fruits and vegetables to
... More »

Woman Eating Dog, Cat Food for 30 Days

Dorothy Hunter says it's just that nutritious

(Newser) - Forget the ice diet or downing 1,000 McNuggets : For real culinary adventure, there's a pet-store owner in Washington state who's pledged to eat nothing but cat and dog food for a whole month, Fox News reports. Dorothy Hunter says all of her products at Paw’s Natural... More »

In First, FDA Wants Safety Standards for Pet Food

Move designed to prevent scares like 2007 China crisis

(Newser) - The FDA today proposed new safety standards for pet food and farm animal feed, which, if passed, would be the first of their kind the agency has ever implemented. The rules cover such basic stuff as sanitation, hazard analysis, and manufacturing practices, NBC reports. "We have been pushing feed... More »

Virus Wiping Out Crickets Raised for Snakes

Cricket farms being forced out of business

(Newser) - These are hard times for America's cricket farmers, and unless a virus is brought under control, they could become hungry times for pet snakes. The virus has swept through farms, killing millions of the crickets raised for pet reptiles and zoo animals, and driving several farmers out of business, the... More »

Melamine Kills 1,500 Chinese Dogs

Fears sparked about widespread tainting

(Newser) - About 1,500 Chinese raccoon dogs, bred specially for their fur, have died after eating tainted food over the last two months, the AP reports, raising fears of rampant misuse of the chemical melamine. The discovery comes as melamine-tainted milk has sickened thousands of babies with kidney stones and been... More »

Tainted Baby Formula Kills 2 in China

Dairy farms probed after banned toxic found in milk powder

(Newser) - Two Chinese babies have died, 53 are in serious condition and 1,253 others are sick from widespread milk powder contamination, the New York Times reports. The baby formula laced with melamine—the same additive behind last year’s US pet-food recall—was recalled just last week by Sanlu Group,... More »

Made in China: Toxic Baby Formula

Dangerous food may be in some US markets

(Newser) - Baby formula made in China has been found to contain melamine, the same toxic substance that contaminated pet food and poisoned thousands of US dogs and cats last year. None of the formula is in the general US food supply—but some may be on the shelves in American Asian... More »

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