Haynesville Shale

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Natural Gas Finds Could Herald Energy Shift in US

Discoveries speed push to replace coal, oil

(Newser) - A huge natural-gas discovery in Louisiana, on the heels of similar finds elsewhere over the past decade, is fueling a push to shift the nation’s energy portfolio, the Wall Street Journal reports. Louisiana’s Haynesville Shale could hold the energy equivalent of 18 years of current US oil production;... More »

Natural Gas Fuels La. 'Gold Rush'

Untapped deposits create overnight millionaires

(Newser) - The energy crunch is a positive in at least one area, which lies above what may be the largest natural gas supply in the Lower 48. As energy companies buy up real estate, some residents of the south-central US find themselves suddenly flush with money, and some are even becoming... More »

2 Stories