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'Terrifying' Glass Slide Hangs 1K Feet Above LA

And you can ride it for $33

(Newser) - Think China's glass bridge is a bit freaky? Check out this video of AP reporter Amanda Lee Myers sliding down a glass slide. Did we mention it's 1,000 feet above the ground? The 45-foot Skyslide, as it's known, connects the 69th and 70th floors of the... More »

Not for the Faint of Heart: Glass Slide 1K Feet Over LA

It runs from 70th to 69th floor of what's for now the coast's tallest building

(Newser) - If you're afraid of heights, stop reading. As of June 25, the city of Los Angeles will boast a most unique attraction: a glass slide that hangs 1,000 feet above it, attached to the side of what has been the West Coast's tallest building since 1990. The... More »

Scientists Create World's Thinnest Glass—by Mistake

Find sheds light on its makeup, and qualifies for Guinness book

(Newser) - It's another one of those chance scientific breakthroughs: Scientists from Cornell and Germany have created the thinnest glass known to man entirely by accident, reports LiveScience . Just how thin? A hard-to-fathom 2 atoms thick, which means you'll need an electron microscope to check it out, notes RedOrbit . The... More »

Lean Cuisine Ravioli: Now With Glass Shards

Nestlé recalls product after shards found inside

(Newser) - If you have any Lean Cuisine mushroom ravioli in your freezer, you might want to think twice before eating it. Nestlé Prepared Foods Co. has issued a recall for the product, the AP reports, over a tiny, little problem: Consumers reported finding glass shards in it. Officials say affected products... More »

What a Pane: Ultra-Thin, Flexible Glass Unveiled

Corning's 'Willow Glass' could soon wrap around a flexi-cell phone

(Newser) - The sharp scientists at the Corning company have come up with a clear winner: ultra-thin glass that bends. The "Willow Glass" unveiled at an industry trade show in Boston was as thin as a piece of paper, and can be even thinner. It's designed to cover ever-skinnier gadgets... More »

Superman's Memory Crystals Inch Closer to Reality

Hard drives could soon be made from glass

(Newser) - The “memory crystals” Superman used to hear messages left by his parents are no longer just science fiction. Researchers in Britain have found a way to store computer data on glass by reorganizing its atoms. A laser creates miniscule dots, known as voxels, in silica glass. Light passing through... More »

UK Toasts Safer Beer Glass

Shatter-proof pint glass aims to cut binge-drink violence

(Newser) - The inventors of a new beer glass say they've found a way to cut the number of violent assaults by UK drinkers who've lifted too many pints—and used a broken one as a weapon. Taking their lead from shatterproof windshields, a team of designers added a resin coating to... More »

Wine, Meet Your Future: Plastics

(Newser) - Screw tops, boxes, and now—plastic bottles? A move is afoot to package wine in low-cost, lighter plastic containers, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bottles come with an expiration date because the plastic does not provide the same airtight seal as glass. But because most wine sold in the... More »

Mysteries of Glass Still Unbreakable

Scientists 'disagree violently' in debate over molecular makeup

(Newser) - Although it’s all around us, scientists have fairly little idea why, exactly, glass behaves the way it does, the New York Times reports in an examination of the ongoing debate over the curious properties of the commonplace substance. The mystery hinges on why the molecular arrangement of glass is... More »

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