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Trump Admits Using 'Barron' Alias

But still won't confess he was 'John Miller' in now-famous 1991 phone interview

(Newser) - Has the "mystery" of John Miller been solved? Perhaps, after a big night for Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, in which he agreed to debate Bernie Sanders and also copped to pulling out fake names in the past, though whether that includes the now-infamous Miller moniker is... More »

Eric Holder Has 3 'Soulful' Email Aliases

One involves the Temptations

(Newser) - The email circus continues, with the Huffington Post revealing that Eric Holder has used three email pseudonyms as attorney general. A Justice Department spokesperson says it's all aboveboard and a fairly common practice among top officials to keep their inboxes under control. The three aliases are all official ones... More »

George Zimmerman: Why I Won't Use an Alias

He does carry a semi-automatic for protection, though

(Newser) - George Zimmerman is constantly on the move and in the news. It's been nearly three years since he shot unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford, Fla., and his speaking engagements and meetings with attorneys afford him no more than a month in any given state. The... More »

A 'Porn Star Name' for Tom?! 15 Celebrity Aliases

Cruise goes by 'Cage Hunt'

(Newser) - Tom Cruise may have lost his wife, but he apparently hasn't lost his sense of humor: While shooting a film in the UK, he's been using a fake name at his hotel—and he's been telling guests it's his "porn name." So what is... More »

'Rockefeller' Trial Sparks Identity Crisis

Defendant's name(s) at issue as jury readies for kidnapping case

(Newser) - A Boston court saw the selection yesterday of 11 of the 16 jurors needed to begin the trial of Clark Rockefeller. Or of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. Or of "the defendant," as the judge calls him. The mystery man is on trial for kidnapping his daughter, and because he's... More »

'Rockefeller' Jury Selection Begins

Gerhartsreiter to be called only 'the defendant' at trial

(Newser) - Jury selection has started in the kidnapping trial of a German man long called Clark Rockefeller, the Boston Herald reports. But he won’t be going by that name in the trial—in fact, most won’t call him anything but “the defendant.” He was indicted as Christian... More »

Judge Releases Records of Rockefeller's Divorce

Prosecutors will use them before grand jury

(Newser) - A Boston judge has agreed to let prosecutors look at the divorce and separation records of the man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller, the Globe reports. They won't make the records public but will use them to try to persuade a grand jury to indict Rockefeller—alleged to be German... More »

'Rockefeller' Recalls Glorious Days with Kidnapped Snooks

But he stonewalls on his past

(Newser) - The father who still insists on calling himself Clark Rockefeller described six days on the lam with his 7-year-old kidnapped daughter—nicknamed Snooks—as "glorious," reports the Boston Globe. But he refuses to discuss his past life using several aliases. "We had such a wonderful time,"... More »

'Rockefeller' Admits to California Alias

Lawyer says suspect used fake name to break into acting

(Newser) - Mystery man Clark Rockefeller's attorney says his client can now remember living as Christopher Chichester in Los Angeles, the Boston Herald reports. Rockefeller—identified by prosecutors as a German national named Christian Gerhartsreiter—can recall living with a couple who subsequently vanished but insists he had nothing to do with... More »

Accomplice Helping Cops in Kidnap Case

7-year-old, father who lied about Rockefeller ties still missing

(Newser) - As more details emerge about the man thought to have kidnapped his 7-year-old daughter in Boston on Sunday, police said today the driver of the SUV used in the abduction is cooperating with the investigation, the Globe reports. Police believe Clark Rockefeller—one of several names the man uses—and... More »

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