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Scientists 'Enormously Excited' About Cancer Blood Test

'Liquid biopsy' shows promising early results in detecting 8 cancers—but much work is still needed

(Newser) - Scientists are "very, very excited" about what they see as a positive "first step" in developing a blood test that could detect a variety of cancers, the Washington Post reports. In a study published in the journal Science , researchers used the CancerSEEK test, which looks for cancer-tied proteins... More »

Unplanned Biopsy Led to Death of Joan Rivers: Source

Broadway dims its lights for late star

(Newser) - What was supposed to be a routine procedure ended up causing the death of Joan Rivers , a medical source tells the New York Daily News . According to the source, a doctor in the star's entourage performed an unplanned biopsy after she went in for routine surgery on her vocal... More »

Women Having Unnecessary Surgical Biopsies

Needle is usually safer, cheaper way to look for breast cancer

(Newser) - About 300,000 women each year undergo unecessary surgical biopsies to look for breast cancer when a much easier—and safer—needle biopsy would be better, a new study suggests. Surgical biopsies are the better option in certain cases, but doctors use it way too often, reports the New York ... More »

HIV/AIDS May Be 100 Years Old

Evidence of old strain discovered in Congo

(Newser) - The HIV/AIDS epidemic exploded in the 1980s, but new research shows HIV was plaguing the human population in Africa for a century before that. Old collections of human tissue samples from the Congo have produced evidence of old strains of HIV that may have emerged in 1908, reports Nature. More »

McCain Mole Not Cancerous

Biopsy shows no skin cancer

(Newser) - A biopsy performed on a mole removed from John McCain's face shows no sign of skin cancer. The brief cancer scare came after a routine dermatological check-up, Reuters reports. The 72-year-old Senator has had four malignant melanomas—the most serious form of skin cancer—removed since 1993. More »

5 Stories