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Clean Needles Aren't the Only Tattoo Concern

Ask about the chemicals in the ink—your lymph nodes could be tainted from them

(Newser) - Besides getting stuck with a Hello Kitty tattoo for life, there's another downside to getting skin ink: Microscopic particles can taint your lymph nodes. A new study found that after a person gets a tat, nano traces of the ink containing preservatives and contaminants work their way into the... More »

Study May Change Breast Cancer Treatment

Common removal of lymph nodes isn't necessary for many

(Newser) - A new study has the potential to make breast cancer treatment easier for a sizable number of women, the New York Times reports. The study says the removal of lymph nodes from the armpit—a common, painful procedure that carries side effects of its own—isn't necessary for about 20%... More »

Mac's Illness Spotlights Sarcoidosis

Immune disorder could be behind comedian's hospitalization

(Newser) - Bernie Mac is in the hospital, and although his publicists deny it, the pneumonia for which the comedian's being treated may have something to do with sarcoidosis, the Chicago Tribune reports. The rare immune system disorder has been in remission since 2005. More »

McCain Mole Not Cancerous

Biopsy shows no skin cancer

(Newser) - A biopsy performed on a mole removed from John McCain's face shows no sign of skin cancer. The brief cancer scare came after a routine dermatological check-up, Reuters reports. The 72-year-old Senator has had four malignant melanomas—the most serious form of skin cancer—removed since 1993. More »

4 Stories