Doha Round

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Only Trade Can Rescue World Economy: Brown

'A banking crisis has become a trade crisis,' writes British PM

(Newser) - The banking crisis has stabilized, according to Gordon Brown, but a new calamity has replaced it: "a trade crisis" that is killing jobs in industrialized nations and exacerbating poverty in developing ones. Globalization has compounded the downturn, but it can also accelerate the pickup, the British PM writes in... More »

'Globosclerosis' Has Paralyzed World Powers

Nations won't rise above parochial interests: Brooks

(Newser) - The collapse of the Doha round of trade talks this week was the first time since World War II that an effort to liberalize global commerce has failed. The talks went south not because they lacked support, writes David Brooks, but because Indian and Chinese politicians were afraid of antagonizing... More »

Global Trade Talks Collapse

Breakdown halts seven years of progress to hammer out deal

(Newser) - World Trade Organization talks to forge a new global trade pact collapsed yesterday after seven years of negotiations. An EU spokesman called the breakdown a "massive blow to the confidence in the global economy." The talks fell apart as China and India demanded the authortity to impose "... More »

3 Stories