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Teen Peeved With Parents' Vacation Choice Calls 911

'It was not an appropriate use of 911,' cop says

(Newser) - Is Trent Hills, Ontario, really that bad? A 15-year-old girl “forced” to go to the Canadian vacation spot by her parents last week apparently thought so—and called 911 with her emergency, the CBC reports. Police who responded to the cottage the family rented were not amused. “This... More »

Canadian Police Kill ISIS Supporter

Mounties say a suicide attack was foiled

(Newser) - A Canadian man previously banned from associating with ISIS extremists was killed as Mounties thwarted what they believed was a suicide bomb plot, a senior police official says. The suspect, who died in Strathroy, Ontario, around 140 miles southwest of Toronto, allegedly planned to use a bomb to carry out... More »

Severe Birth Defects Don't Mean Death Sentence

Canadian study suggests birth defects aren't as lethal as doctors previously advised

(Newser) - Parents of newborns with rare genetic conditions used to hear that severe birth defects were "incompatible with life." Support groups and social media showing the exceptions have changed the landscape—and so has mounting research suggesting not all such babies will die, the AP reports. The latest study... More »

Disturbing Letters Found After House Explodes

2 bodies have been found, but police aren't saying much

(Newser) - Mystery surrounds the explosion of a home in Mississauga, Ontario, Tuesday. A woman's body was recovered from the rubble that day, and on Thursday night, a man's body was found, Global News reports. Their identities have not been released, but police have released the names of two people... More »

Flameless Cremation Offers an Eco-Friendly Finale

An alkaline solution quickly dissolves human bodies

(Newser) - Even in death, you have one final way to go green. The flameless cremation uses an alkaline solution of potash, salt, and water to quickly dissolve human bodies in a pressurized vessel—doing the work of 15 to 20 years in the ground in less than two hours, the CBC... More »

Woman Dresses Up Like Old Lady to Take Mom's Driving Test

But at least she knows she can't pass for 73

(Newser) - An instructor in Ontario was supposed to be giving a driving test to a 73-year-old woman last Thursday, CBC reports. But the woman who showed up that day looked quite a bit younger. The woman was wearing glasses, a wig, and "clothing suited to an older person." The... More »

Canada's Suicide Crisis Deepens With 5 More Attempts

Time for Canada to 'get its act together,' MP says.

(Newser) - Bruce Shisheesh, chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation, tweeted his gratitude Saturday for the "well wishes … from around the world" as his community in remote northern Ontario grapples with a suicide epidemic . The second part of his message suggests well wishes aren't enough: "Five more children... More »

Indigenous Emergency: 11 Suicide Attempts in One Day

Ontario's Attawapiskat First Nation declares state of emergency, pleads for help

(Newser) - A "suicide epidemic" that started last fall in a northern Ontario community—with 11 suicide attempts this past Saturday alone, per the CBC —has led the Attawapiskat First Nation to declare a state of emergency, per the National Post . The remote enclave of 2,000 people has reportedly... More »

After 5 Teens Drown in Rivers, a Quest for Answers

Ontario investigates deaths of 'First Nations' youths

(Newser) - It took years of pressure by indigenous groups, but an inquest is underway in Canada into the deaths of five First Nations teens who drowned in two rivers in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As the CBC reports in a lengthy look at the issue, the five male teens were between 15... More »

8 Stabbed in Knife Attack at Canadian High School

'I just ran for my life'

(Newser) - A female high school student is in custody after eight people were stabbed at a high school east of Toronto on Tuesday, the AP reports. All the injuries are minor. Police Sgt. Bill Calder said officers were called to Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ontario, after a report about a... More »

80-Year-Old Charged for Driving This

Canada man said he was too old and weak to clean snow off car

(Newser) - An 80-year-old man was charged after driving a car that was almost completely covered in snow with only a portion of the driver's side windshield cleared for vision, police said. Ontario Provincial Police said Wednesday the man received a $110 ticket after an officer spotted a car resembling a... More »

Man Declared Dead in 1986 Found Alive

Family members didn't know Ronald Stan's real story

(Newser) - In 1977, a man went missing after a barn fire in Ontario; in 1986, with no sign of him, authorities declared Ronald Stan dead. Turns out they were wrong: He has now turned up again after decades, and he's living in Oklahoma, CTV reports. Stan went missing at age... More »

Casting Call Goes Out for Rob Ford Musical

'Gravy train meets the crazy train' in new production

(Newser) - This could be the role of a lifetime for the right person, although method acting might be a bad idea: The producers of Rob Ford The Musical: The Birth of a Ford Nation have issued an open casting call in Toronto on Monday for roles including that of the crack-smoking... More »

Cops: Boy Locked in Filthy Room for 2 Years

Authorities rescue him from aunt, uncle in Canada

(Newser) - Police in Ontario, Canada, say they rescued a 10-year-old boy who had been kept locked in a filthy room for somewhere between 18 months and two years, reports the National Post . His parents live overseas, and they apparently left the boy in the custody of an aunt and uncle, who... More »

'Truly Disturbing' Toronto Mayor Gets TV Show

As Ontario premier offers to help city ditch Rob Ford

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has lost his credibility, the trust of voters, the support of former allies on the city council, and even his invite to the Santa Claus Parade—but he's gained a TV show. The mayor, increasingly isolated after a long stream of scandals , will begin hosting... More »

After Autistic Boy Gets Hate Mail, Community Rallies

Poison-pen letter urges family to euthanize 13-year-old

(Newser) - A small town east of Toronto has rallied around the family of an autistic boy that was sent hate mail so vicious they feared for the 13-year-old's safety. The boy has been spending summer mornings with his grandmother, who received a horrifyingly cruel anonymous letter complaining about Maxwell Begley'... More »

Ontario Elects 1st Gay Premier

Kathleen Wynne also province's first female leader

(Newser) - Canada's Liberal party of Ontario made history twice yesterday by choosing the province's first female leader and its first openly gay leader, the Ottawa Citizen reports. At the governing party's leadership convention, Kathleen Wynne beat Sandra Pupatello by 1,150 to 866 on the third ballot to... More »

Guy Arrested After Telling Kids Santa Doesn't Exist

Busted on public intoxication charge

(Newser) - An Ontario man who thought it would be fun to walk along a Christmas parade route telling kids there is no Santa Claus got his comeuppance: He was busted for public intoxication. Cops on Saturday received complaints about the 24-year-old man, who was easy to find because he had "... More »

Cop Pulls Over Speeding Driver, She Gives Birth

Has baby on side of the road

(Newser) - A speeding driver gets pulled over en route to the hospital, only for the cop to realize she was speeding because she's in labor. Think it only happens in sitcoms? Think again: An Ontario police officer found himself in exactly that situation this morning, when he pulled over a... More »

1 Dead, 1 Trapped, 22 Hurt in Ontario Mall Collapse

9 still missing after rooftop parking lot caves in

(Newser) - The rooftop parking lot of a northern Ontario mall collapsed over the weekend, sending debris through two floors of the building. A pair of cars also reportedly crashed through. Now officials say they believe one person was killed in the incident; another is trapped but may still be alive after... More »

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