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Instagram Hits 40M Users

Photo app scores 10M new sign-ups in 10 days

(Newser) - Instagram signed up 10 million more users—bringing its total to 40 million—in just the past 10 days. The retro-styling, photo-sharing app was the talk of tech after releasing a version for Android and then getting scooped up by Facebook for $1 billion, reports SlashGear . Instagram launched for the... More »

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1B

Social networking company acquiring photo app for $1B

(Newser) - Facebook today announced its largest acquisition yet: Instagram , the mobile app that lets users turn today's memories into something straight out of 1975, which will bolster Facebook's own photo services. Facebook bought the San Francisco-based service for around $1 billion in cash and shares, and has promised to... More »

Va. Candidate Fights Leaked Reindeer Dildo Photos

Krystal Ball blames opponent, calls release of photos 'sexist'

(Newser) - Sometimes your Newser Virginia bureau feels like it should really be the Alternative Reality bureau (see here and here and here) , but even we can't make up this story: A 28-year-old Democrat named Krystal Ball—who is running for a seat in Virginia's 1st District—was somehow blindsided by the... More »

Flickr Lost 3K of My Photos: Angry Blogger

Slams service after hacker permanently deletes costly images

(Newser) - Flickr has earned a blogger’s harsh rebuke for losing 3,000 of his photos, Gawker reports. A hacker was able to permanently delete the photos by attaching a Hotmail account to Morgan Tepsic’s Flickr account, and Tepsic is livid that Flickr didn’t better protect work he says... More »

Hey Dummy, Think Before You Post That Pic

From work dodging firemen to jail happy juniors, some things should not be shared

(Newser) - A picture may have been worth a thousand words before Facebook and YouTube came along, but in the Internet age the price can be much steeper for going public with one’s—er—privates. PC World presents 12 online photos that cost their owners dearly:
  • “A defense attorney’s
... More »

Photo-Sharing Site Offers Ease, Collaboration

Souped-up Shutterfly is in beta and set to launch in August

(Newser) - With lost passwords and clunky sign-up procedures, online photo-sharing can be a bit of a hassle. But a new service from Shutterfly offers a simpler way, Katherine Boehret writes in the Wall Street Journal after taking it for a spin. Shutterfly Share still has some problems— you can’t post... More »

6 Stories