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Brooks: We Can Win in Afghanistan

(Newser) - David Brooks has always been skeptical of our efforts in Afghanistan, “one of the poorest, least-educated and most-corrupt nations on earth,” and his recent six-day tour of the country reinforced "every element" of his skepticism. But the columnist also emerged “infected by the optimism of the... More »

Far Right Cheers Hillary at State

Neocons, writers trumpet her ability to defy party on foreign policy

(Newser) - The far right is warming to the idea of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, with neocons, righty writers, and a manager of Bill’s impeachment trial all getting excited about her perceived “willingness to veer right on international policy,” writes Ana Marie Cox at the Daily Beast.... More »

Why Powell Is Expected to Back Obama

Ex-Secretary thinks McCain has too many neocons around him

(Newser) - Colin Powell will make his presidential preference clear on Meet the Press tomorrow, the New York Daily News reports, detailing some of the reasons the former secretary of state is expected to defect from his party's candidate. "McCain has too many neocons working for him,"  says one... More »

CIA Dreads Another Neocon White House

Agency fears McCain administration would extend Bush-era woes

(Newser) - The CIA has had a rough run under the Bush White House, and its top brass is worried that a John McCain presidency would be just as bad, reports Mother Jones. In recent years, animosity has defined the relationship between neoconservatives and spies, and McCain’s braintrust is full of... More »

Nuke Advantage Emboldened Putin's Russia

US disarmament partly to blame for Georgia war, says Schoenfeld

(Newser) - Diplomats and pundits have debated what led Russia to attack Georgia so forcefully, pointing to everything from newfound economic strength to a sense of national humiliation. But Gabriel Schoenfeld, editor at neoconservative magazine Commentary, has another explanation: it's Russia's growing nuclear advantage, especially with short-range arms, that has "helped... More »

Klein to Jewish 'Extremists': Stop Bullying Me

Columnist punches back against Commentary campaign

(Newser) - The Jewish right-wing "extremists" at Commentary can call Joe Klein anti-Semitic and intellectually unstable all they want, the columnist writes, and they can even call for Time to fire him, but he’s not going stop telling what he calls the “palpable” truth that's "unspoken in polite... More »

6 Stories