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Can You Blame the Jews for Hating Palin?

Columnists debate causes of coolness toward hockey mom

(Newser) - Why do the Jews hate Sarah Palin? Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin posed that leading question in the most recent issue of Commentary and her answer has provoked a backlash from other Jewish writers from both ends of the political spectrum. Rubin argued that, politics aside, Jews have a "palpable... More »

Klein to Jewish 'Extremists': Stop Bullying Me

Columnist punches back against Commentary campaign

(Newser) - The Jewish right-wing "extremists" at Commentary can call Joe Klein anti-Semitic and intellectually unstable all they want, the columnist writes, and they can even call for Time to fire him, but he’s not going stop telling what he calls the “palpable” truth that's "unspoken in polite... More »

2 Stories