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Conservative Economists Praise the New Immigration Bill

Even as GOP senators threaten to kill it

(Newser) - Conservative economists appear to have gotten the memo about the GOP's new immigration-friendly stance. More than 100 of them today signed a letter praising the reform bill coming to the Senate floor, saying it would have a "positive impact on population growth, labor force growth, housing, and other... More »

More GOPers, Companies Back Gay Marriage

Deadline for Obama to do same is today

(Newser) - Prominent Republicans keep coming out of the woodwork to sign onto a legal brief that pushes the Supreme Court to throw its weight behind gay marriage. More than two dozen have added their names since the amicus brief first made headlines , bringing the total signatures up to more than 100.... More »

Candidates Decry Crisis, but Don't Change Plans

McCain and Obama push same spending ideas after meltdown

(Newser) - Though John McCain and Barack Obama are both on board with the White House's $700-billion scheme to bail out Wall Street, they're both still pushing economic plans crafted before the crisis, and likely to be scuttled by it, the Washington Post reports. Although the fiscal situation is, in the words... More »

McCain Policies Oddly Short on Specifics

Candidate offers relatively few details on domestic plans

(Newser) - John McCain’s policy cupboards are unusually bare for a presidential candidate, while his rival’s are unusually well stocked, Politico reports. McCain, for example, describes Social Security as "an absolute disgrace" but offers scant details for reforming it. "He has not offered very much in specifics that... More »

McCain, Aides Often Part Ways on Policy

Politico documents the differences

(Newser) - Much has been made recently of John McCain’s difficulty in driving a message from his “eclectic and occasionally politically inconvenient hodgepodge of policy positions,” Politico says, but little has been said about how often the candidate’s top aides disagree with him. And while fewer public disagreements... More »

5 Stories