wake-up calls

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School Robocalls Late Kids at 6:30am

Sleepy and cranky?! It's time to rise and shine!

(Newser) - As if having to get up in the morning, five mornings a week, wasn't burdensome enough on the teenage soul, it just got worse. One Iowa high school is upping the annoying ante, notes Sam Biddle at Gizmodo, by introducing automated wakeup calls. Chronically late kids will get a... More »

Parents Call In Ultimate Authority to Wake Up Kids

Hannah Montana will give youngsters a ring

(Newser) - Wal-Mart has found the perfect trick for getting back-to-school kids out of bed: Wake-up phone calls from Hannah Montana. Head to www.hannahmontanacalls.com and you can program the Miley Cyrus character to goad your children to rise and shine, reports the Washington Post. She’s placed nearly 30,000... More »

2 Stories