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Minnesota Clergy Abuse Victims Settle for $210M

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis can 'endure' the payment

(Newser) - "This has been a long day coming," a sexual abuse survivor said Thursday as the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis announced "the second-largest payout in the scandal that rocked the nation's Roman Catholic Church," per the AP . The $210 million settlement for 450 victims... More »

Thousands Protest Acquittal in Death of Philando Castile

'My son loved this city and this city killed my son'

(Newser) - "They got free rein to keep killing us anyway they want," Valerie Castile said Friday night as protesters took to the streets of St. Paul, shutting down a freeway, after a Minnesota officer was acquitted in the killing of her son, Philando Castile, the Star Tribune reports. According... More »

This Is the Best Public Restroom in America

Congrats, Minneapolis-St. Paul airport

(Newser) - It's not often you meet with a toilet so nice it's compared to a first-class seat. But that's exactly what travelers will encounter in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, home to the best public bathroom in the country, according to a survey by restroom supply company Cintas. The... More »

Night of Protests: Hundreds Arrested in Minn., La.

Including prominent Black Lives Matter activist

(Newser) - Police have arrested about 100 people in St. Paul during protests of the recent police killings of black men, including one outside Minnesota's capital city. Authorities say 21 St. Paul officers and six state troopers were hurt during the fracas late Saturday and early Sunday. St. Paul Mayor Chris... More »

11 Least Religious Cities in the US

Yup, Sin City makes the list

(Newser) - Haven't yet found God and don't plan to? You might feel right at home in Portland, San Francisco, or Seattle. Those are the least religious cities in the country, according to a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute picked up by MarketWatch . Here are the 11... More »

101-Year-Old Man Shocks Neighbor in Viral Video

Richard Mann has no problem shoveling neighbor's walk

(Newser) - Done your neighbor a good turn this year? You might take a hint from Richard Mann, a 101-year-old resident of St. Paul, Minn., who was seen shoveling his neighbor's walk the other day after a fresh snowfall, the Star Tribune reports. Neighbor Keven O’Bannon caught it on video... More »

Couple Hospitalized Trying to Save TV in Fire

They didn't get the television, only smoke inhalation

(Newser) - It can be heroic when someone braves a fire to save a loved one. It's a different word when that "loved one" is a television. A 40-something couple in St. Paul ended up hospitalized for smoke inhalation after they, yes, tried in vain to disconnect their beloved flat-screen... More »

Boy, 9, Sneaks on to Plane, Flies to Vegas

Also scammed a free meal at airport

(Newser) - This is one Vegas gamble that almost paid off: A 9-year-old boy sneaked through security and onto a Delta flight at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on Thursday and made it all the way to Las Vegas—apparently without a boarding pass. But putting a dent in his wild vacation plans,... More »

Archdiocese Kept Lid on Minn. Priest's Sex 'Compulsions'

Curtis Wehmeyer was allowed to keep working

(Newser) - The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis made it clear that once officials heard about a priest's abuse of two boys, they went straight to law enforcement. Trouble is, the archdiocese actually knew about what Minnesota Public Radio calls Curtis Wehmeyer's "sexual compulsions" for almost a decade—... More »

Conflicted Kim Kardashian Flies to Minnesota

She'll meet with Kris, but it's no reconciliation

(Newser) - Love or publicity blitz, it's your call, but we feel beholden to reveal the latest on Kim Kardashian: The reality show queen landed in Minneapolis-St. Paul this morning at 5:30am, bodyguard and baggage in tow, to meet up with 72-day former hubby Kris Humphries, TMZ reports. Sources say... More »

America's Smartest Cities

Sin City might want to rename itself Not-So-Bright City

(Newser) - Sure, we usually take into account jobs, culture, climate, affordability, and a host of other data when moving to another place, but do you really want to be surrounded by a city full of blithering idiots? The Daily Beast crunches the numbers and comes up with the smartest cities in... More »

Top City for Working Moms: Minneapolis

Forbes weighs women's salaries, safety, unemployment

(Newser) - With its low rates of unemployment and violent crime, combined with relatively high salaries for women, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area tops the Forbes list of best cities for working mothers. The magazine gave added weight in this year's rankings to women's income, and when the numbers were crunched, the Minnesota... More »

Raleigh Tops in Quality of Life

(Newser) - Raleigh, NC, is the American city with the highest quality of life, according to a new survey by Portfolio magazine . With its low unemployment rate, quality housing stock, and rapid pace of growth, Raleigh beat out the other 66 largest metro areas in a comparison of 20 statistical measures of... More »

Top Cities Beating the Recession

DC is No. 1, but Texas has a bunch in the top 10

(Newser) - The number-crunchers at Forbes have come up with a list of the top cities where the recession is easing. The formula takes into account projected job growth and housing prices. Here's the list:
  1. (tie) Washington, DC-Arlington-Alexandria
  2. (tie) Austin-Round Rock
  3. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
  4. (tie) Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington
  5. (tie) Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown
More »

Blizzard Sweeps Across Midwest

Travel strangled, with accidents killing at least 12

(Newser) - A powerful storm packing heavy snow, sleet, and rain lumbered across the nation's midsection today, glazing roads and disrupting air travel but promising a white Christmas for some. The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for parts of Oklahoma, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Texas. It cautioned that travel would be... More »

Drivers Call LA Commute Nation's Most 'Painful'

City tops IBM's 'commuter pain index'

(Newser) - Los Angelenos may have fun in the sun, but they suffer the worst commutes, Reuters reports. An IBM survey of 4,446 motorists found that LA commuters ranked their morning drive highest on a "commuter pain index," which measures traffic, stress, anger, and other factors. Though Los Angeles... More »

Nonprofits May Be Future of Muckraking

Websites compete with city papers

(Newser) - Internet journalism has long been dominated by partisan commentary, gossip, and well-intentioned amateurs, but that’s all changing, the New York Times reports. Sites like VoiceofSanDiego or the St. Louis Beacon are doing serious, investigative journalism many a newspaper would envy at a fraction of the cost. Voice’s reports... More »

Cops Bust 'Anarchists' Before GOP Convention

Free-speech advocates blast action ahead of RNC

(Newser) - Minnesota county cops raided protest organization sites to stop what authorities called an "anarchist plot" to disrupt the Republican National Convention. The police action triggered an angry response from activists and free speech advocates. Supplied with information from police infiltrators, cops battered down doors and busted five activists in... More »

Fake Reporters Are Rock Stars in Denver

Quick turnaround and evasive guests make Stewart's life a little harder on the road

(Newser) - it's hard enough for the reporters swarming all over the Democratic Convention to score good interviews; fake reporters have it even harder. The Daily Show's correspondents are now such big stars they draw admirers—and hecklers—every time they try to record, USA Today reports. Which doesn't exactly help them... More »

GOP Honcho to Hill Hopefuls: Attack Us

Slam both parties and skip convention, lawmaker advises

(Newser) - A key GOP lawmaker has urged hopefuls seeking office to fire away—at their own party. Rep. Tom Cole advised fellow office-seekers yesterday to blast the GOP when needed, keep away from incumbents, and skip John McCain's nominating convention. “Don’t be afraid to say you are disappointed in... More »

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