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Europe Flirts With Breivik's Anti-Immigrant Message

Right-wing politicians like the philosophy, deplore the violence

(Newser) - The European right has widely rebuked Anders Behring Breivik for his violence, but also thinks the Norwegian killer had something of a point, reports Reuters . Many European conservatives—like Italian politician Mario Borghezio—were already echoing the language of extremists like Breivik to criticize the growing Muslim presence there. "... More »

'Sane' Breivik Gets 21 Years

Norway reaffirms commitment to multiculturalism in wake of attacks

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik was found sane by a Norwegian court today and sentenced to the nation's maximum punishment: 21 years in prison, reports CNN . Prosecutors had asked the court to find Breivik insane, which would have sent him to a secure mental health facility, but the five-judge panel unanimously... More »

Middle School Mosque Field Trip Sparks Outrage

Video shows kids participating in prayers

(Newser) - A Massachusetts school district apologized today, after a video surfaced showing students praying during a class field trip to the Islamic Society of Community Center. The video was shot in May by a parent chaperoning the trip, and then handed over to a group that has long been critical of... More »

UK Pol Kicks Kid in Dragon Costume

Ex-Cabinet minister apologizes for actions during Chinese New Year parade

(Newser) - A former UK Cabinet minister has apologized for charging into a Chinese New Year parade and kicking a boy in a dragon costume. Norman Tebbit, 78, "ran after the dragon and kicked it," says the owner of a restaurant on the route of the 20-year-old parade in Suffolk.... More »

G20 Leaders Will Eat Well

But menu could represent some of the 'new Britain', chef says

(Newser) - President Obama and his fellow world leaders have their work cut out for them at the G20 summit tomorrow, but at least they won’t have to tackle the problems of global finance hungry. Star chef Jamie Oliver is planning a menu of organic Shetland salmon, Welsh lamb with mint,... More »

What Not To Do in Foreign Lands

Tabloid offers how-to guide for provoking international incidents

(Newser) - Taking its cue from the infamous shoe-toss of an Iraqi journalist—a sign of high contempt in his culture—the Daily Mirror presents a how-to guide for provoking international incidents:
  • Buddhist countries: Nothing raises eyebrows or ire more than a pat on the head, as that's where locals believe the
... More »

He's a Goofy Dancer, Not a Prophet of Peace

The combination of image and music is mystical, but not necessarily meaningful

(Newser) - No doubt you've seen or heard of the YouTube phenomenon in which Matt Harding dances his way across the world and its cultures, set to a New Age song poem. And no doubt you've heard fans refer to Harding as nothing less than a purveyor of world peace. But please,... More »

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